Special: Desert Campaign

For three years, the Allies and Axis fought back and forth across the deserts of North Africa.  In this weekend’s special, we remember the campaign and have some great in-game bonuses!

From Saturday 16th February at 06:10 CET (05:10 GMT) until Tuesday 19th February at 06:00 CET (05:00 GMT), the following bonuses will be available in game:


Medal Hunt – Patrol Duty

In this week’s medal hunt, we are rewarding those who detect enemy vehicles for their team.  If you are awarded a Patrol Duty medal during the special by detecting 6 or more enemy vehicles which are later damaged by your team, you will be rewarded with a massive 25,000 extra credits!  This bonus will be automatically credited to your account when you receive the medal.


50% off the following vehicles:


PzKpfw II (German Tier II Light Tank)

PzKpfw III (German Tier Tier IV Medium Tank)

PzKpfw IV (German Tier V Medium Tank)

PzKpfw VI Tiger (German Tier VII Heavy Tank)

StuG III (German Tier V Tank Destroyer)

Valentine (British Tier IV Light Tank)

Matilda (British Tier IV Light Tank)

Crusader (British Tier V Light Tank)

Churchill I (British Tier V heavy Tank)

M3 Stuart (American Tier III Light Tank)

M5 Stuart (American Tier IV Light Tank)

M3 Lee (American Tier IV Medium Tank)

M4 Sherman (American Tier V Medium Tank)

M10 Wolverine (American Tier V Tank Destroyer)

M7 Priest (American Tier IV SPG)


Once you have purchased your vehicle of choice from the list above (or perhaps you already have one in your garage!), you can enjoy a massive 70% extra credits on each and every one of them!


x2 Crew Experience

Your crew will become even more battle-hardened this weekend and will learn their skills at twice the normal speed!


Up to 50% off Camouflage

Whether spending credits or gold, you can decorate your vehicle for less.


Discount on Premium Accounts

Get three days for 300 gold or seven days for 600 gold.



The battle for North Africa took place over a period of around three years and control of the region switched sides frequently throughout the time.

It all began with the fall of France in 1940.  At this point most of Europe was under the control of the Axis.  North Africa was seen as a vital route to get supplies and troops into Europe, and soon became critical to both sides – to the Allies to keep the route open and to the Germans who wanted to firmly closed.  It was also very much a battle for the vast oil reserves, critical for both sides.

The campaign began in full on the 10th June 1940, with a declaration of war by Italy. The Italians invaded Egypt from Libya on 13th September 1940. The British troops arrived in December and quickly started to drive westwards, claiming many territories, including the vital port of Tobruk.

The Germans rallied and sent the feared AfrikaKorps under the command of the legendary Erwin Rommel.

For over a year, the front moved back and forth across northern Libya and Egypt in a series of advances and retreats by both sides.  Cities were won, lost and won again.  Eventually, in early 1942, the Germans had managed to push the Allies all the way eastwards to El Alamein.  In July 1942, the Allies began a desperate series of counterattacks, later called the First Battle of El Alamein.  Finally, in October 1942, the Second Battle of El Alamein proved to be the decider of the campaign.  Afterwards, the Germans were driven all the way back west to Tunisia.  After a period to reorganize and re-collect, the Allies managed to ensnare Rommel and his troops in a classic ‘pincer’ movement, forcing surrender.  The campaign was over with the Allies victorious.

The campaign resulted in a lot of lessons learned for both sides.  The British infantry tanks (such as the Matilda) had proved to be fearsome opponents.  However, the British 2 pounder guns proved to be inadequate against the Germans.  A turning point came when the Allies were reinforced with American medium tanks equipped with 75mm guns.  Meanwhile, the Americans saw the power of the British six pounder guns and took inspiration for themselves.


There are plenty of desert maps in World of Tanks.  Which arena do you prefer?  Sand River?  El Halluf?  Choose wisely and hit the sands this weekend, commanders!

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