New Balance Features in Update 1.9

After the last iteration of Sandbox, we needed some time to analyze the statistics and the results of the questionnaire. We are grateful to all active players who contributed by taking part in this large-scale testing and sharing their feedback. The New Balance tests have proven to be very useful, informative and a great help to us in understanding how to move in the right direction.

Thank You for Your Feedback!

The complex rebalance consisted of many features that we offered for your testing. Some of our hypotheses have been confirmed, while other concepts still require further revision.

But thanks to Sandbox testing and your active participation, we now have the necessary data to keep making progress with our research and future development of the New Balance features. As soon as we rethink and update their concepts, you will definitely have the opportunity to try them out on Sandbox. We appreciate you engaging with us!

On the Sandbox server, we share our ideas and hypotheses with players and collect their feedback on current experiments, gameplay and balance adjustments. This platform is designed for developing collaborative solutions with the tank community. Testing any features in Sandbox doesn’t mean that they will be introduced into the game.

So What’s Next?

We’re currently working on the following, most successful solutions from the latest iteration of New Balance:

  • HP and Ammo Rack Capacity Increase for Low-Tier Vehicles
  • Tech Tree Changes
  • Collectors' Vehicles

Judging from your feedback, the overall reaction to these features has been positive, and the results of the tests were aligned with our expectations. We aim to introduce these features in the upcoming Update 1.9. Let’s take a look at each feature individually.

The HP and Ammo Rack Capacity Increase for Low-Tier Vehicles

During previous Sandbox tests, we increased the HP pools of all vehicles. After we carefully analyzed the test results, we decided to slightly adjust the new HP values for Tier I–VI vehicles.

The changes to the HP pools for low-tier vehicles will allow:

  • increased overall performance, effectiveness and survival time in low- to mid-tier battles, making them more enjoyable.
  • a more comfortable transition to top-tier vehicles.
  • a more consistent durability progression from tier to tier.
  • new players to learn more from each of their battles and help them become better at the game more quickly.

Additionally, we proportionally increased the ammo rack capacity of these vehicles to compensate for the general increase in HP.

Tech Tree Changes

The Tech Tree interface will become more user-friendly, simple and clear, especially for new players. After its visual update and the relocation of low-tier tanks, it will be easier for everyone to navigate and calculate their optimal research path.

The central branch will be the clearest and simplest—this will be the branch of heavy tanks. From there, there will be transitions to medium tanks and tank destroyers. Artillery at the top and light tanks at the bottom will frame the Tech Trees. Take a look for yourself.

Collectors' Vehicles

Much of your feedback on the Sandbox tests concerned Collectors' Vehicles and related compensation. These are some of the hottest topics in the tank community, so let’s talk about them in detail.

We would like to emphasize one important thing once again: all 92 vehicles relocated from the Tech Tree, including the four Tier IX–X tanks mentioned below, will stay in the game.

After the Collectors' Vehicles feature is released, all collectible tanks will remain in the Garage and can be obtained at any time after the update goes live. Check it out.

  • The maximum tier of collectible vehicles available to you depends on the highest tier you have researched in each nation. For example, having researched a Tier V tank in the French Tech Tree, you will have access to all French collectible vehicles up to and including Tier V.
  • To purchase collectible vehicles, you only need credits—XP won’t be required—which is easier and more convenient for both newcomers and experienced players alike. The cost of purchasing and selling vehicles in credits will not differ from the current rates. It will also be much easier to obtain Elite status for non-Premium vehicles, since you don’t need to research the next tank in the branch.
  • The stock versions of all tanks will be available, so after purchasing them, you can start upgrading their modules, just like regular vehicles.
  • The collectible vehicle will be no different from its previous version. It won't lose the opportunity to obtain Elite status, which also will be much easier.

In addition to Tier I–VIII tanks, we also aim to relocate the following four Tier IX–X tanks:

Also, some vehicles will be moved to other tiers, or even assigned to other classes. Finally, some brand-new tanks will enter the game for the first time. Check them out.

List of Vehicles


Vehicles to be moved to other tiers (12 in total)

Vehicles to be assigned to other classes (5 in total)

Vehicles to be added to the game (3 in total)

  • BT-5—a Tier III Soviet light tank.
  • T6 Medium—a Tier IV American medium tank. To put it simply, it’s the famous Sherman and plays accordingly.
  • Cavalier—a Tier V British medium tank.

Collectors' vehicles will make the branches of many nations simpler and easier to understand. At the same time, you can continue to enjoy having an extensive tank collection in your Garage. In addition, we’ll introduce new medals for unlocking Collectors' Vehicles, which will allow you to expand your list of in-game achievements.


What will happen to vehicles that will be relocated from the Tech Tree? Will they stay in the game?

All 92 vehicles that will receive the collectible status will remain in the game client and on players' accounts (if they are in their Garages when the feature update goes live). After the release of Collectors’ Vehicles, all these tanks will be available for purchase for credits, and there will be no need to spend XP on their research.

How can I get a collectible tank?

Collectors’ Vehicles in each national Tech Tree will be available for purchase in accordance with the maximum tier researched in this particular tree. For example, if you have researched the Tiger II in the German Tech Tree, then the Jagdpanther II and all other collectible German tanks of lower tiers will be available for purchase.

What is the main difference between Collectors’ Vehicles and regular researchable vehicles? Do I need to retrain crews to reassign them to Collectors' Vehicles?

The main difference is in how they are obtained—you don't need to spend XP on researching Collectors’ Vehicles. In all other game aspects (economics, retraining of crews, etc.), regular and collectible vehicles are identical.

Where can I purchase a collectible tank?

In a separate section of the in-game shop. You can access it from the Tech Tree or by selecting the "Collectors' Vehicles" tab in the in-game shop. You won't lose the discount in credits that you obtained, for example, during previous Holiday Ops events.

What will happen to the “Technical Engineer” and “Tank Expert” achievements?

The “Technical Engineer by Nation” and “Senior Technical Engineer” achievements are applicable only to regular researchable vehicles.

To get the “Tank Expert by Nation” achievement, it is still necessary to destroy all the tanks from each nation’s Tech Tree, including collectible ones.

We also aim to add a new achievement for owning all the Collectors' Vehicles in the game and 11 special achievements for owning all the Collectors' Vehicles of a specific nation.

How much will Collectors' Vehicles cost?

The cost of purchasing and selling them will remain the same as their regular researchable versions.

Will Collectors' Vehicles ever be rebalanced? Are further performance revisions expected?

Collectors' Vehicles are just as important to us as regular ones, so the same rebalance rules will apply to them.

How will Collectors' Vehicles be equipped?

Collectors' Vehicles will be relocated along with all their modules, and you will be able to choose which modules should be mounted on the tank. For example, for the Sherman Jumbo, you can choose between a 76 mm gun and a gun that fires high-explosive shells.

Collectors' Vehicles Relocating Mechanics

  1. If a vehicle up to and including Tier VIII has been relocated to the Collectors' Vehicles tab, then the vehicle of the next tier (+1) and all tanks of lower tiers will be automatically researched*. This applies regardless of whether you purchased it or not.
  2. All blueprint fragments of unresearched vehicles will be converted into the equivalent number of universal and national ones, according to each vehicle’s tier. For example, a blueprint of a Tier IV vehicle will be compensated with 1 national and 4 universal blueprint fragments.
  3. If you have already researched the relocated Tier IX−X vehicles (the 113, the Т-62А, the AMX 30 B, or the AMX 30 1er prototype), you can purchase them in the Collector’s Vehicles tab any time after Update 1.9 goes live, regardless of whether you have researched any other Tier IX−X tanks.

    Example: you have only researched two Tier IX-X tanks in the French nation, the AMX 30 1er prototype and the AMX 30 B. After the update is released, you can purchase them at any time in the Collectors' Vehicles tab, even if you have researched a maximum of Tier VIII vehicles in the French branch.
  4. All players who were approaching the three Tier X vehicles (the 113, the AMX 30 B, the T-62A), but hadn’t researched them, and stopped at the Tier IX vehicles (the WZ-111 model 1-4, the AMX 30 1er prototype, the T-54), and also hadn’t researched any Tier X vehicles, will gain access to the Tier X tanks of these nations in the Collectors' Vehicles tab after the update goes live.
  5. All players who were approaching to the Tier IX tank (the AMX 30 1er prototype), but hadn’t researched it, and stopped at the Tier VIII tank (the Batignolles-Châtillon 12t), and also hadn’t researched any Tier IX vehicles, will gain access to the Tier IX tanks (+ 1 tier) of the French nation in the Collectors' Vehicles tab, after the update goes live.

Since we have many tanks in the Tech Tree, there are exceptions to this rule. For example, in the case of Tier I British vehicles, only a new Tier I British tank will be researched. Tier II Japanese vehicles will be unlocked along with their modules. There are also some other exceptions we'll share with you during the upcoming Common Test.

The compensation rules will come into force the day Update 1.9 hits the live servers. The above types of compensation may not be available during the Common Tests of Update 1.9. We will inform you in advance of their availability as soon as we get all the details.


I researched the T-62A through the T-54 and didn’t unlock it until today. I still have some XP on this tank. What will happen to it?

  • If you have a Tier X tank in the Soviet branch, wait until the update is released. After that, you can get the T-62A without spending XP and purchase it for credits at the price of a regular Tier X tank.
  • If there are no Tier X tanks researched in your Soviet Tech Tree, you can spend this XP to research the Object 140 and automatically unlock the T-62A.
  • If you already have the Object 140, the T-54 will gain Elite status, and you can dispose of the XP gained on it at your discretion.

This example applies to any collectible vehicle. You can get the vehicle you are interested in even if you didn’t have time to research it immediately after the release of the update without spending any of your XP.

Can a new player purchase Tier X Collectors' Vehicles?

No, because in order to gain access to Tier X Collectors' Vehicles, you must research a Tier X tank in the tree of the respective nation. Obviously, in this case, you can hardly be considered a novice.

Let's say I researched the Jagdpanther II before 1.9 Update, but the next vehicle, the Jagdtiger, has not yet been unlocked. What will happen next?

If you already have the Jagdpanther II in your Garage, it will remain available there. If not, you can purchase it in the in-game store, from the Collectors’ Vehicles tab. In this case, the Jagdtiger will be researched automatically.

Will there be restrictions on playing in the Collectors' Vehicles in some modes, tournaments or game events?

Collectors' Vehicles will have no restrictions in comparison with all researchable tanks, so don’t hesitate to play in them in all existing game modes.

Thank you again for your feedback! Your contribution to World of Tanks is incredibly valuable. Stay tuned for more news, and good luck on the battlefield!

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