Remembering Kursk: More Details Incoming

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The Kursk event has started. Take on as many missions as you can for the biggest rewards. Good luck!

A grand military anniversary is approaching. 75 years ago, the two biggest armies of the European continent clashed in a tirelessly long collision destined to become a decisive turning point in Germany’s offensive on the Eastern front.

What happened at the Kursk Bulge was long immortalized with the creation of numerous monuments and well documented in the history books. As World of Tanks was built around passion for military history, we could not leave out this historic event.

We’ve prepared a special 50-day challenge, full of varied and rewarding missions. Here’s a sneak peek on what you’ll be up to this summer.

Join the Massive Event

Between July 5 and August 23, you’ll be given an order to take on a new mission every day, with rewards available for each fulfilled task. The prizes will ramp up in value as you advance, topping the event off with a truly unique trophy.

The more missions you complete, the more rewards you’ll reap, including three major prizes:

  • A commemorative medal for participating in the event.
  • The T-34 shielded Tier V Premium tank with a unique style. A limited number of these T-34 modifications were produced in 1943 just before the Battle of Kursk.

Mouse over the points to display the info on the vehicle
Main Characteristics
T-34 shielded
Hit Points
500 HP
Average Damage per Minute
1,650 HP
Top Speed / Reverse Speed
56/20 km/h
Commander / Radio Operator / Driver / Loader
Average Damage
110/110/156 HP
Average Penetration
120/150/38 mm
Dispersion at 100 m
0.43 m
Aiming Time
2.3 s
Gun Reload Time
4 s
Gun Depression / Elevation Angles
Turret Armor
45/45/45 mm
Turret Traverse Speed
36 deg/s
Signal Range
525 m
View Range
340 m
Hull Armor
45/40/40 mm
Load Limit
34 t
Hit Points
500 HP
77 item(s)
Engine Power
500 h.p.
Specific Power
15.67 h.p./t
Traverse Speed
36 deg/s
Top Speed / Reverse Speed
56/20 km/h

  • A special Kursk-dedicated style that you can apply to any machine in your garage.

Please note that both these styles are historic, meaning you can proudly boast them in battle, as they will be visible to everyone.

Choose Your Path

The Battle of Kursk featured a certain list of vehicle models from both opposing forces, so those players who have the vehicles in their garages will get advantage over those who don’t.

Germany U.S.S.R.
VII Tiger I   II T-60  
V Pz.Kpfw. IV Ausf. H   III T-70  
VII Panther   III M3 Light  
VIII Ferdinand   VI KV-1S  
VI Nashorn   V Churchill III  
IV Marder 38T   V T-34  
IV StuG III Ausf. B   V SU-85  
V StuG III Ausf. G   VII SU-152  
VI Hummel   V T-34 shielded  
V Grille    

While the list of missions will remain unchanged throughout the event, we’re offering every tanker the ability to choose one of the two directions, depending on what vehicles they own.

The North Direction will welcome anyone with vehicles of Tier IV or higher, but tasks will be harder to accomplish.

The South Direction will be available to those who have historical vehicles, providing easier winning conditions.

Once you've entered a battle, the game will automatically engage either of the two directions, based on the vehicle you’ve chosen, and this scheme works the same for every mission.

Reap Your Rewards

Rewards for accomplishing every mission will be the same, regardless of what direction you choose. Once you’ve accomplished a mission from either of the directions, you won’t be able to have another go. However, you are not bound to one direction permanently. Each day, you can take a different direction, whichever you prefer.

In addition to daily rewards, each accomplished mission will grant you one Mission Point and you can gather up to 50 of those. The prize pools are divided into 7 stages and every step forward taken will grant you a bigger reward.

  • 5 points
  • 10 points
  • 15 points
  • 20 points
  • 30 points
  • 40 points
  • 50 points
5 points
  • 1 Day of Premium Account
  • 5 Automatic Fire Extinguishers
  • 5 Large Repair Kits
  • 5 Large First Aid Kits
  • Kursk Event Medal
10 points
  • Enhanced Gun Laying Drive
  • 5 Automatic Fire Extinguishers
  • 5 Large Repair Kits
  • 5 Large First Aid Kits
15 points
  • Coated Optics
  • 5 Automatic Fire Extinguishers
  • 5 Large Repair Kits
  • 5 Large First Aid Kits
20 points
  • Large-Caliber Tank Gun Rammer
  • 5 Automatic Fire Extinguishers
  • 5 Large Repair Kits
  • 5 Large First Aid Kits
30 points
  • V T-34 shielded   with a 100% crew and a unique style
  • A garage slot
  • 5 Automatic Fire Extinguishers
  • 5 Large Repair Kits
  • 5 Large First Aid Kits
40 points
  • 7 Days of Premium Account
  • 5 Automatic Fire Extinguishers
  • 5 Large Repair Kits
  • 5 Large First Aid Kits
50 points
  • A style applicable to any of your vehicles
  • 5 Automatic Fire Extinguishers
  • 5 Large Repair Kits
  • 5 Large First Aid Kits

Out of the seven milestones, two are worth mentioning separately:

  • Complete 30 missions to get a T-34 shielded tank with a unique historic style.
  • Accomplish all the missions, and you will receive a unique historic style applicable to every vehicle.

For those who can’t wait, the T-34 shielded will be available in the Premium Shop from July 5 to August 23.

If you purchase one of the bundles above while already owning the T-34 shielded, you will receive 2,200 for the T-34 shielded and 750 for its style sets as compensation.

If you earn the tank after purchasing one of the bundles above, you will receive 880,000 for the T-34 shielded and 300,000 for its style sets.

Consistency is key

There’s a new mission waiting for you every day, so make sure to take them all on to get the most out of the event. Please note that if you don’t complete a mission, you won’t be able to earn those rewards again, so be consistent!

As always, stay tuned for further updates and get yourself prepared for the upcoming event.

See you on the battlefield!

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