Special: Second Battle of El Alamein


Our focus on the Second Battle of El Alamein continues. We recently told you all about Operation Lightfoot, the event that kicked things off. How did it end? Find out here and enjoy some in-game bonuses on some of the vehicles that took part in the battle.


X5 Experience for the first victory with each vehicle! 

Go out and win, commanders! Make the most of it!


Triple crew experience on all Tier IX and X vehicles 


Double crew experience on all Tier VII and VIII vehicles 

Do you drive one of these high tier bad boys? Train up your crew’s skills more quickly!


50% discount and 80% increased income on the following vehicles: 

V Crusader  
V M4 Sherman  
V Pz.Kpfw. IV  
IV M3 Lee  
III M3 Stuart  
IV Pz.Kpfw. III  
III M7 Priest  


50% discount on the following premium vehicles: 

IV Valentine II  


50% discount on Equipment 

Been saving up for that nice new tank gun rammer? Now’s your chance!

50% discount on garage slots 

More space for more vehicles!

Discount on premium accounts 

Get 3 days for the price of 1 or 7 days for the price of 3!

Mission: Demolition Derby 


I: Drive a heavy tank and destroy 100 enemy vehicles.

II: Drive a medium tank and destroy 100 enemy vehicles.

III: Drive a light tank and destroy 50 enemy vehicles.


I: Improved Ventilation (Class 3)

II: Improved Ventilation (Class 2)

III: Improved Ventilation (Class 1)

  • Random Battles only.
  • Vehicles must be Tier IV or higher.

These three missions can each be completed once per account.


Mission: Brothers in Arms

Goal Obtain the Brothers in Arms medal.
Reward 50,000
Restrictions Random Battles only.

This mission can be repeated. You will receive the reward each time that you complete the mission.


These bonuses are available in game from Saturday 2nd November 06:10 CET (GMT +1) until Tuesday 5th November 06:00 CET.


Operation Lightfoot was the attempt to clear a passage across a huge minefield in the desert known as the ‘Devil’s Garden’. It was a hugely ambitious plan, involving clearing a path several miles long in a single night. Whilst it was ultimately unsuccessful, any relief for the Germans was short-lived.

The second phase of Montgomery’s plan was called Operation Supercharge, and it began on 2nd November 1942.  This involved a bait-and-switch. Montgomery first drove his attack northwards, before suddenly turning to the west to punch through the German-Italian line.

Later that day, the Allies intercepted a message from Rommel to Germany, which declared that his army faced annihilation.  He was told to ‘stand and die’ by his leaders, but by the time he received this message, the Panzers had already begun to retreat. The battle for North Africa was effectively over, with a victory for the Allies. From then on, Montgomery’s forces were able to keep pushing the Germans back through Libya and into Tunisia.

Churchill summed it up very well in one of his famous quotes – “Up to Alamein, we survived. After Alamein, we conquered.”


Don’t just survive, commanders! Start conquering!

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