[UPDATE] Ranked Battles 2020–2021


The latest Ranked Battles Season has come to an end and the best among you left their mark in the Hall of Fame. Of course, those who weren’t able to follow our Fair Play Policy have been removed, which means 161 accounts have been blocked for a week, while 104 accounts have been permanently banned. The leaderboard will be updated shortly.


Stay tuned for the rewards, which will be distributed in the next 14 days

NOTE: Tickets regarding the positions in the leaderboard and rewards will be accepted only within 30 days of the Season closing.


Are you ready to meet your worthy opponents in Tier X vehicles, Commanders?

Ranked Battles, a highly competitive mode in which the strongest players fight on a level playing field, is making its return to World of Tanks with three new Seasons. Thanks to your feedback, we’ve reworked the progression system and introduced several other changes that we’ll now discuss in greater detail.

This time, the ultimate reward for all three Seasons is the brand-new Concept 1B Tier IX American heavy tank, which is exclusive to Ranked Battles. Prove your worth over three Seasons to add this formidable brawler to your Garage!

Season Dates
July 13, 2020, 08:00 UTC through August 3, 2020, 08:00 UTC

Weekdays: 13:00 UTC – 01:00 UTC (201 server)
Weekends: 09:00 UTC – 01:00 UTC (201 server)

Revamped Progression System

For the first Season of Ranked Battles 2020-2021, the progression system will be simpler and more achievable. The number of ranks in all Divisions will be reduced from 15 to 10. The number of chevrons you need to earn to move from one rank to another will also be reduced. This will make progressing in the mode simpler, quicker, and more achievable.

The following Ranks are permanent:

  • Fourth and seventh ranks in the Third Division
  • Fifth rank in the Second and First Divisions

The eighth rank in the First and Second Divisions will receive Rank Shield status.

These changes will help you reach Leagues faster so you can showcase your mastery.

Bonus Battles and Daily Bonus Battles

To boost your progress in the mode and shorten your journey through the ranks, take advantage of Bonus Battles that double the number of chevrons you earn in battle. This Season, we’re also introducing Daily Bonus Battles, which will be available only when you reach Leagues.

Daily Bonus Battles are just like regular Bonus Battles, but they are automatically applied once a day for each Tier X vehicle. If you don't receive a chevron after a battle, then the Daily Bonus Battle won’t be spent.

Daily Bonus Battles are spent before regular Bonus Battles and they don’t carry over to the next day. For maximum battle efficiency, be sure to use them before they disappear!

There are two ways to get Daily Bonus Battles:

  • They are credited daily when you qualify for a League. The number credited depends on your Qualification results.
  • Complete the special daily missions listed below.

Daily Battle Missions in Leagues

This Season, daily battle missions for different vehicle roles will become available as soon as you qualify for a League. In total, there are three missions, and their conditions will reset daily. Feel free to complete them at your convenience. These special missions will reward you with bonds and Daily Bonus Battles.

Condition Reward

Use the Light Attack Vehicle, Luke

Get into the Top 5 by experience earned when using a Light Attack Vehicle

1 Daily Bonus Battle

25 bonds 

Don't Underestimate My Power

Deal at least 3,500 damage when using a Heavy Destroyer

1 Daily Bonus Battle

25 bonds 

Luke, I Am Your "Defender"

Earn at least 150 Role XP when using a Defender

1 Daily Bonus Battle

25 bonds 

Take Advantage of Your Cumulative Discount!

When you reach the Second Division, you’ll be able to get your hands on two new exclusive items:

These valuable items will be available for purchase with your personal cumulative discount, and the size of the discount will depend on your progress during the Season.

Upon reaching the First Division, you will receive a discount of 500 bonds. Upon entering a League, the discount will increase by another 500 bonds.

By playing in the League and getting into the top 10 on your team by experience earned, you can get additional discounts of 1,000 or 1,500 bonds, depending on the number of battles you play. Your cumulative discount can reach up to 6,000 bonds for the first Season.

Conditions Reward
Reach the Second Division

Access to Ranked Battles items

Reach the First Division

500 bonds discount

Enter a League

500 bonds discount

Play at least 20 battles in Leagues and get into the top 10 of your team by experience earned in each battle. Available once per account during the Season.

1,000 bonds discount

Play at least 40 battles in Leagues and get into the top 10 of your team by experience earned in each battle. Available once per account during the Season.

1,000 bonds discount

Play at least 70 battles in Leagues and get into the top 10 of your team by experience earned in each battle. Available once per account during the Season.

1,500 bonds discount

Play at least 100 battles in Leagues and get into the top 10 of your team by experience earned in each battle. Available once per account during the Season.

1,500 bonds discount

After purchasing an item with a cumulative discount, the discount will be debited from your account.

The maximum discount on the items above cannot exceed 60% of an item’s initial cost.

New Items for Bonds

With the start of Ranked Battles 2020–2021, we'll update the list of items available for bonds in the in-game shop. You’ll be able to get your hands on a number of valuable goodies. Check them out:

Item Cost in Bonds
IS-5 10,000 
KV-4 Kreslavskiy 10,000
IS-6 Black 8,000
Chrysler K GF 8,000
M46 Patton KR 8,000

Go for Glory!

During the second Season of Ranked Battles 2020–2021, we’ll introduce a special dynamic leaderboard featuring the names of the top players. This ranking will be determined by your highest battle effectiveness and best performance over all three Seasons (including the results of the first Season). Only the top 200 players will be ranked on the leaderboard, so do your best to show the world your mastery!

You can quickly access the leaderboard via a special 3D object in the Garage. During the active phase of the Season, its appearance will change, and the object will serve as a quick access point to the mode. Take a look!

Vehicle Restrictions in Ranked Battles 2020–2021

As we announced previously, only players in researchable and Collectors’ vehicles will be able to participate in Ranked Battles 2020–2021. We’re taking this step to create equal conditions for all players in order to maintain the fair and competitive spirit of this mode.

Below is a list of tanks whose participation in the upcoming three Seasons of Ranked Battles will not be permitted.

Let’s Talk Rewards!

These are the rewards for good performance in combat! You have the opportunity to earn:

  • Credits
  • Bonds
  • Gold
  • Spectacular 2D custom looks
  • Additional rewards!

Season rewards include a unique 2D style for Tier X vehicles, one for each League. In order to retain this style, you will need to participate in future Ranked Battles Seasons. Plus, you will receive an exclusive badge for each League that you can apply as a mark of glory.

Bronze League Silver League Golden League

Your Annual Reward still depends on the number of Rank Tokens you earn over all three Seasons of Ranked Battles 2020–2021. The more Rank Tokens you collect, the better the Annual Reward you receive. Depending on your performance, you can get your hands on:

Any remaining Rank Tokens will be converted to bonds at the end of Season 3.

Park the Mighty Concept 1B in Your Garage!

The Advanced and Maximum Annual Rewards will bring you the most coveted trophy—a unique reward vehicle. Meet the Concept 1B, a brand-new Tier IX American heavy tank, which is exclusive to Ranked Battles!

This is a versatile brawler with impressive firepower. It has fast acceleration for a heavy tank and features an accurate gun with good alpha damage. The Concept 1B’s hefty armor will help you make your presence known on any map.

Main Characteristics
Concept 1B
Average Damage
400/400/515 HP
Average Penetration
258/310/53 mm
Hit Points
1,800 HP
Top Speed / Reverse Speed
45/18 km/h
Commander (Radio Operator)
Average Damage
400/400/515 HP
Gun Reload Time
11 s
Average Penetration
258/310/53 mm
40 shells
Aiming Time
2.3 s
Gun Depression / Elevation Angles
Dispersion at 100 m
0.38 m
Shell Types
Shell Velocity
1,478 m/s
1,173 m/s
1,173 m/s
Concealment of Moving Vehicle
Hit Points
1,800 HP
Concealment of Stationary Vehicle
Hull Armor
130/120/80 mm
Signal Range
750 m
Turret Armor
250/110/100 mm
View Range
400 m
Turret Traverse Speed
32 deg/s
Engine Power
900 h.p.
Specific Power
20.6 h.p./t
Traverse Speed
42 deg/s
Top Speed / Reverse Speed
45/18 km/h

Brace yourselves for a new tanking journey, Commanders! Choose your favorite Tier X vehicles and prove you’re the best on the battlefield!

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