Ranked Battles: What's the Meta?


As a new season of Ranked Battles is getting close, now is the perfect time to take a look back and observe the meta of this highly competitive game mode. If you want to know which lines to go for before the new season kicks in, here are some guidelines for you.

Below are the top 5 tanks of our latest season. As they're rarer and harder to unlock, we chose to rule the special Tier X vehicles (clan wars & campaign tanks) out of this list. 
  • Object 268 Version 4
  • Object 430U
  • Conqueror Gun Carriage
  • Panhard EBR 105
  • T110E3

This season, there's a tank destroyer on top of this list. And not any tank destroyer, but the glorious Object 268 Version 4, known for its strong frontal armour. Aboard this Tier X, make sure that your flanks are covered, but make sure to use your toughness and good mobility to push the front forward. Your adversaries will soon learn to fear your bouncy plate and your alpha damage. And if you're feeling particularly audacious, you can always use your speed and strong frontal armour to finish off your enemies. There's nothing cooler than ramming, right? Read more about this tank in its own guide!

A real all-rounder. As a matter of fact, the Object 430U was already in this list after Ranked Battles' last season. There's a good reason for that: this Soviet vehicle is a good mix of medium and heavy tank. It trades part of its mobility for a strong punch and can rely on its great armour to charge right into the fray. Even heavier tanks will have trouble penetrating this bad boy, but since you have to play this tank quite aggressively to make up for its poor accuracy, you will often be exposed to enemy fire. So pick your fights carefully. Learn more best practices for this vehicle in its manual.


  • Despite being a proper heavy tank, the Chinese 113 is fast enough and wears strong armour. If you're looking for a vehicle of a similar playstyle, here it is. Learn all the teachings of this Chinese master here.

The first SPG to make an entry on this list. This giant 234 mm howitzer mounted on the reliable chassis of the Conqueror is the beast of an arty. Thanks to wide gun traverse and an extremely high shell arc, this devastating SPG can pin down its enemies quite easily and hammer them for good with tons of damage.


  • Trading an amazing angle for a faster reload time, the German G.W. E100 is a close runner-up.
  • If you prefer a bigger splash and higher damage per shot, we recommend the T92 HMC.

The fastest vehicle in World of Tanks has overtaken many of its concurrents to become the most successful light tank of this season. Fast, the Panhard EBR 105 is also properly furious thanks to its powerful 105 mm gun firing APCR shells. Use its reverse and turret traverse speed as well as shell velocity to snapshot everywhere you can, and make sure to move as fast as possible aboard this one. After all, you only have 1300 HP to trade. Get more tips and tricks for this bad boy in our guide


  • If you prefer good old tracks to wheels, you cannot go wrong with the T-100 LT. It's also quite fast and stealthy, but taking shots won't be as punishing aboard this tank. More about that in this guide.
  • Alternatively, you can go with the AMX 13 105, a French speedster with a powerful 3-round autoloader. 

Ranked Battles players apparently love mobile bunkers. The T1103 is one of the toughest tank destroyers out there. If you know the T95, for instance, you will enjoy the thick frontal armour of this hunter, crowned by a nearly impenetrable mantlet. And obviously, its punch is properly terrifying! You can even manage some trick shots thanks to its –8° degree gun depression. But watch your surroundings: everything below your superstructure and your rear plate are very weak. 


  • Way taller than the T110E3, the Jagdpanzer E 100 is a proper fortress on tracks, using its strong armour to bounce enemy shells, before returning fire in the form of 1,050 points of damage. Ouch. Get to know this tank through its guide
  • With good alpha damage and decent mobility, the T110E4 is a nice alternative to this one, but trade its strong armour for a semi-rotating turret. A matter of taste.

In the competitive environment of Ranked Battles, any mistake is severely punished. That's probably why strongly armoured vehicles were still quite popular during last season, as they are automatically more forgiving. That said, the entrance of the Panhard or the Conqueror Gun Carriage shows that more exotic choices can pay off, and we will always encourage such strong and audacious picks as these. 


Keep the meta moving, and roll out, Commanders!