Your Recap of Global Map: Metal Wars


Metal Wars has come to an end and left a lot of scrap and destruction in its wake. Fierce battles were fought, schemes were plotted, strategies were put to the test, and only the best clans came out on top! Let’s see who kept the competition at bay, had superior tactics, and won the war.

Cheaters Get Banned!

We continue our fight against cheaters and those who use harmful and unwelcome software.

In the aftermath of the Metal Wars event, we’ll penalize 404 accounts. 288 of these accounts will receive their first warning, and 116 will be banned permanently. Our message is clear: cheating is not OK.

We apply global ban waves to keep the gaming environment as fair as possible.

Let’s take the game seriously and play fair!

Metal Wars Results












Metal Wars Highlight


“What a close campaign! We quickly realized T1LT and INVIL would just play as 1 for this event with the only goal to block FAME from taking the 1st place. Luckily for us, T1LTVIL underperformed and we got the opportunity to win this campaign. 

On the top of that, what an outstanding performance from A1PHA, they were powerful allies and we are very thankful for their help, well deserved 3rd place! The end of the campaign was very tense, especially the last day where we had to give our best till the last games to secure the victory, a bit of adrenaline is never a bad thing! 

We are happy as FAME to win this campaign as the clan spirit has always been to be the most competitive in Europe. It is also time to thank everyone that was involved in the victory, FC’s, players, planners, allies but also the people that followed and supported us till the end, you guys did great.” – Insane_BTW (FAME) 

"Thanks to all our players fighting for us and our friends from INVIL, it was a nice event. It was a neck-and-neck race that went all the way to the end. We will come back and clap FAME in the next tournament.

Furthermore we would like to address some feedback about the experimental boosters, especially in combination with the point stealing mechanic those two had a very negative impact on this campaign, both in balancing within a single battle but also in the global clan leader-board. We highly recommend removing or reworking that mechanics." -  T1LT leadership 



First of all congratulations to FAME on their campaign victory. We are very proud of A1PHAs record finish. Without the great teamwork and activity of the French, Balkan and 3 international line-ups, this wouldn’t have been possible. It was very rewarding to have exceeded all our goals and expectations prior to the event.

We would like to thank all our players, FCs, and JSLatvala for their performance and huge contribution they have brought to our top finish. We’re looking forward to aiming for new heights in future events!GGWP“ – A1PHA Leadership

Metal Wars Statistics

Let's end Metal Wars on the Global Map with some interesting data!

Most active clans

1 CH3SS 698
2 ALL1N 697
3 W31RD 692
4 PBSJ 677
5 HESH_ 658

Most successful clans

1 W31RD 295
2 Y0L0- 256
3 T1LT 237
4 A1PHA 215
5 NOMI 211

Most fought-over provinces

1 Kolomna 237
2 Kovrov 233
3 Almetyevsk 232
4 Lubny 232
5 Bistrita 226

Maps most fought on

1 Himmelsdorf 7596
2 Cliff 7494
3 Prokhorovka 6379
4 Live Oaks 5838
5 Mines 5092

Most active players

1 Szpiracer [SANDY] 232
2 Matrrix59 [SANDY] 229
3 Pawel459 [SANDY] 228
4 Spaner8 [SANDY] 227
5 HueyNL [JBAIT] 218

Total number of battles played: 95,951

Longest winning streak: 40

Tanks that received the most boosters:

Fire Control System

X Panhard EBR 105  

Additional Armor Plating

X Object 279 early  

Heavy Charges

X T95/FV4201 Chieftain  

Air Conditioning System

Composite Spall Liners

Supercharging System

Total number of tanks destroyed: 1,934,606

Highest number of research points: 6,381,677 – T1LT 


Roll Out!

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