Main Changes

  • Rebalanced the missions of the second operation within the Second Front campaign.
  • Added concurrent rendering support to improve performance by evenly loading all available CPU cores.
  • Optimized performance of the Store.

Changes to Wheeled Vehicles

  1. Optimized performance of the movement physics.
  2. Made some balance changes.

Changes to Vehicle Exterior

  • Added Tactical Numbers, a new type of Exterior elements (three-digit numbers that can be entered manually, the font can also be selected manually).
  • Added functionality of moving the Decals across pre-set slots on Premium Tier VIII vehicles.
  • A new style has been added for each nation in the Preset Styles tab.

Changes to the Store and Depot

  • In the Depot, added a new section for unique styles that are not compatible with the player’s vehicles in the Garage. Particularly, it will contain the styles received from the large Holiday Ops boxes, if the appropriate vehicles are not available in the player’s Garage.
  • Added counters on the bundle tile that include several items: now players will be able to see how many Aid Kits (for example) a bundle contains.

Changes to Maps

Made terrain-related changes on difficult-to-access (not intended for playing) areas on the following maps.

Fixed some issues on the following maps:

  • Karelia
  • Live Oaks
  • Lakeville
  • Cliff
  • Murovanka
  • El Halluf
  • Airfield
  • Steppes
  • Minsk
  • Empire's Border
  • Klondike
  • Nebelburg
  • Abbey

Disabled the Assault battle type for the Empire's Border map.

Added the Ghost Town map in the Random Battle mode (including Assault, Encounter battle), as well as in the Attack/Defense mode in Team Training. Made significant changes to the map to suit the modes and battle types.  The map will be available to vehicles of Tiers IV–X.

Other Changes

  • Updated Voice Messages in Battle for the Commanders in the Japanese vehicles (both male and female, when the Commander option is selected).
  • US East (USE) has been removed from the server selector (information is only for WoT NA).

Changes to the technical characteristics of vehicles



  • Decreased dispersion during movement by 17%
  • Decreased dispersion on hull traverse by 17%
  • Changed dispersion from 0.38 to 0.36 m
  • Changed aiming time from 2.7 to 2.5 s
  • Changed the view range from 360 to 380 m
  • Increased velocity of the AP Mk. 1 shell by 30%
  • Increased velocity of the APDS Mk. 1 shell by 20%
  • Changed penetration value of the AP Mk. 1 shell from 202 to 218 mm


Object 279 (e)

  • Changed dispersion from 0.38 to 0.36 m
  • Changed dispersion on turret traverse by 25%
  • Changed aiming time from 2.5 to 2.3 s
  • Improved hull armoring


Added the Premium tank destroyer of Tier VIII for testing by Supertest players: the TS-5.


Added the following wheeled vehicles. The vehicle branch starts from the ELC AMX BIS.

  • Tier VI: Panhard AMD 178B
  • TierVII: Hotchkiss EBR
  • Tier VIII: Panhard AML Lynx 6x6
  • Tier IX: Panhard EBR 90
  • Tier X: Panhard EBR 105

Added the following wheeled vehicle of Tier II: the AM 39 Gendron-Somua       


Added the Lansen C (for testing by Supertest players)

Fixed Issues

  • The elite status is now received by vehicles of Tier V if the following vehicle (Tier VI) is purchased using a token earned in Bootcamp.
  • The player's position in the League is now displayed properly on the home screen of the Ranked Battles.
  • Long reward names in the window of detailed mission description are no longer clipped.
  • Now players can accept invitations to Platoon in Grand Battles, when the team panels are completely hidden.
  • The amounts of earned experience in the Battle Results and in messages of the Notification Center are no longer different.
  • Fixed a behavior issue of the SPG's trajectory view, when aiming inside structures and under bridges.
  • Fixed the issue that prevented players from applying a unique camouflage right to the entire vehicle.

Known Issues

  • Players can re-train crew members to special vehicles that are currently not available in the game.
  • There is no protection from spam-clicking on the minimap.
  • Issue of flickering decals applied to vehicles persists on some PC configuration.
  • Vehicle type icons in the extended vehicle panels do not change their color dynamically, when selecting the Colorblind mode in battle.
  • Disabled free crew retraining to vehicles of the same type.
  • When a player destroys a vehicle by overturning it, this vehicle is not counted towards the total number of vehicles the player destroyed.
  • The badge about base capture can be displayed prematurely, even before the indicated number of points has been accumulated.
  • The order of events for received damage is sometimes mixed up in the damage log.
  • The text of Mission conditions is not displayed in the congratulation window, provided that the required vehicle type is specified in the Mission conditions.
  • When a spotted enemy vehicle gets stunned, becomes no longer visible, and the stunned player uses a First Aid Kit, while still unspotted, then the stun indicator is still displayed above this vehicle to its opponents when spotted again.
  • When a vehicle is destroyed, the log disappears, provided that the player has not enabled the "Show in Postmortem mode vehicle that destroyed your vehicle" option.
  • The amount of received damage of the shot that destroyed the player's vehicle is not displayed in the log.
  • The client cannot be maximized to the full-screen mode, provided that the player is having a Skype call.
  • The vehicle tiers in the screen displayed upon pressing TAB are not centered relative to the vehicle icons.
  • When a vehicle hits the ground without damaging modules, the sound of taking damage is played.
  • The penetration marker is displayed green when aiming at an enemy vehicle through another destroyed vehicles.