New Content

  • Added Japanese Tech Tree:
    • Renault Otsu, Tier I Light Tank. (Credited upon release to accounts of all registered players with 100% trained crew and garage slot)
    • Type 95 Ha-Go, Tier II Light Tank
    • Type 98 Ke-Ni, Tier III Light Tank
    • Type 5 Ke-Ho, Tier IV Light Tank
    • Chi-Ni, Tier II Medium Tank
    • Type 97 Chi-Ha, Tier III Medium Tank
    • Type 1 Chi-He, Tier IV Medium Tank
    • Type 3 Chi-NU, Tier V Medium Tank
    • Type 4 Chi-To, Tier VI Medium Tank
    • Type 5 Chi-Ri, Tier VII Medium Tank
    • STA-1, Tier VIII Medium Tank
    • Type 61 Tier IX Medium Tank
    • STB-1, Tier X Medium Tank.
  • Added high tier USSR Medium Tanks:
    • Object 430 Variant II, Tier IX
    • Object 430, Tier X
  • Japanese premium Type 3 Chi-Nu Kai tank added to the in-game shop (Tier V)
  • Chinese premium 'Type 64' light tank added to the in-game shop (Tier VI)
  • New map in Japanese setting - 'Hidden village'. Some parameters: 1000mx1000m large, in a spring setting with a village in the valley.


Gameplay and Mechanics

  •  'Port' map removed from random battles
  • Reworked and/or fixed several gameplay moments on 'Karelia', 'Mines', 'El-Halluf', 'Airfield' and 'Steppes' maps.
  • Added possibility that AP and APCR shells can go through 'small' objects like fences, benches, columns etc. With object penetration, the final armour-penetration parameter of the shell will be decreased and the object will be destroyed. 
  • Added a +5% coefficient to XP received in the 'Team Battle' game mode
  • Changed the way a player’s personal rating is calculated (detailed guide will be provided soon)
  • Removed crediting of Battle Hero achievements, Epic Achievements, Commemorative Achievements, several medals and titles of Honour: 'Survivor', 'Kamikaze', 'Invincible', 'Raider', 'Bombardier', 'Reaper' and 'Sharpshooter' from Tank Company battles.
  • 'Ranger' moved to Epic Achievements and renamed as Naidin's medal


Changes in Vehicles and Balancing

  • Fixed turret shape of T69 and T54E1
  • Fixed model of frontal armour 'nose' of Lorraine 40t. tank
  • Fixed earlier drowning of German Rhm.-Borsig Waffenträger TD
  • Changed longitude of 12.8cm Rhm.-Borsig Waffenträger TD gun
  • Added welds and 'window' for reticle of the Waffenträger auf E 100 hatch
  • Improved suspension quality for all tanks on IS and KV basis (including all modifications of these tanks).
  • Fixed small incorrect points of damage and visual models of Conqueror and Panzerjäger I vehicles
  • Fixed the longitude of E-50 guns, which was incorrect since the rework of the gun mantlets
  • Fixed small issues with visual models of the Rhm.-Borsig Waffentrager, Pz.Sfl. V, IS-6, StuG III, Object 416, AMX 50 B, M4 Sherman and T1 Heavy Tank.
  • Fixed incorrect size of the Ferdinand TD
  • Returned the possibility of repairing the turret-turning mechanism on the Waffentrager auf Pz. IV.
  • Added slot for second emblem to the Panther II tank for both turrets
  • Added slot for second emblem to the E-50 tank’s first turret
  • Fixed design of 76mm Gun M1A1 mounted on the T1 Heavy Tank
Chinese tanks:

Type 2597 Chi-Ha:

  • Elevation angle for the 45mm 20K gun changed from 21 to 20 degrees
  • Elevation angle for the 57mm Gun Type 97 changed from 21 to 20 degrees
  • Traverse speed for the Type 97 turret changed from 44 to 30.
  • Elevation angle for the 47mm Gun Type 1 changed from 21 to 20 degrees 
  • Traverse speed for the Type 97-Kai turret changed from 46 to 30.

Note: We managed to get updated information about the Chi-Ha tank and other Japanese models, and decided to make the parameters for both Chinese and Japanese versions similar.

WZ-111 model 1-4:

  • IS-3 turret armour values have been made similar to those on the IS-3 in the Soviet tech tree

Note: Patch 0.8.9 was known to include altered armour values according to the revealed IS-3 schemes (see So the 0.8.10 version will include relevant changes concerning the IS-3 turret for the Chinese WZ-111 model 1-4.

German Tanks:


  • Upper side hull armour was thickened by 20mm (from 80mm to 100mm)
  • Weight reduced by 2.5 tons.
  • Ammo rack for 10,5 cm Kw.K. L/70 gun increased from 40 to 80
  • Elevation angle for 10,5 cm Kw.K. L/70 gun changed from 17 degrees to 38 degrees
  • Depression angle for 10,5 cm Kw.K. L/70 gun changed from 6 degrees to 8 degrees

Note: While researching the comments from our community regarding the tank’s weight we discovered that it didn’t correlate with real documentation. So the amendments include a weight decrease, hull armour corrections, an ammo rack increase and elevation angles.


  • Traverse speed for Maus turret changed from 14 to 16.

Note: It is not a secret that all tanks in the game have a higher traverse speed than they did in reality. Checking the updated documentation we discovered that the Maus had a lower value for this parameter compared to other tank models.

Soviet tanks:


  • Ammo rack for 122 mm D2-5Т gun was changed from 26 to 28

Note: Ammo rack for the IS with the 122 mm gun was altered accordingly to historical data (28 shells).

Object 140:

After this tank was included in patch 0.8.8 we received some complaints from our users related to the thin front armour of its turret being too easy to penetrate. Previously there wasn’t enough data to deal with this issue. After we received additional data, appropriate changes were applied. Now the armour is tougher, even though the armour values have remained the same.

The main amendments concern frontal projection. The sloped front and side parts of the turret now have values close to those for vertical surfaces. This means that generally a shell hitting a sloped surface will have to travel through the armour width similar to a vertical surface.


Graphics and UI

  • Improved ambient effects on most maps.
  • Updated loading screens for a majority of the maps.
  • For improved graphics settings:
    • Reworked lighting on all maps: reset the density, colours and brightness, and changed the location of light sources. Significantly increased the accuracy of textures
    • Fully re-worked fog effect
    • Added dynamic shadows from clouds
    • Added the possibility to select one full-screen filter from a predefined list, which varies by density, colour and brightness settings
    • Reworked 'Bloom' effect
    • Added light ray effects and lenses on the sun
    • Added 'Motion blur' effect for movement
  • Fixed incorrect icons of the following tanks: SU-14-1, T54E1, Waffentrager auf E 100, FV207, Waffentrager auf Pz. IV and Birch Gun.
  • Significantly improved the 'Battle Missions' UI.
  • Added information about current specials and discounts to the client.
  • Significantly improved and added several fixes to Team Battles UI.
  • Returned 'Last time player played a battle' to the 'Statistics' tab.
  • Improved and fixed small issues in the 'Statistics' tab.
  • Added 'Save last replay' option, which stores replays of only the last battle by removing the previous one.
  • In post-battle statistics, XP and credits received for 'Honorable resistance'  separated from XP and credits received for the battle.
  • Increased the drawing distance preset for different settings. 'Low' settings will now have the same preset as 'very high' settings, while 'minimal' reserve preset is now similar to the 'high' settings level of graphics.
  • Created a smoother zooming of the camera by mouse-scrolling in arcade mode.
  • Experience is now converted to Free XP according to the order in the vehicles list.



  • Fixed the placing of Pz.Kpfw V/IV emblems on the turret
  • Fixed the placing of emblems and inscriptions on the AMX 50 B tank hull
  • Fixed a rare issue with the lost statistics for some vehicles, which happened after the 8.9 release  
  • Fixed performance drop at the time of displaying the tank destruction message
  • Fixed a rare issue with rounds flying through a tank without damaging it
  • Fixed an issue with the display of the tank’s outline while aiming near a destroyed tank
  • Fixed UI lagging caused by display of numerous UI elements simultaneously
  • Fixed message of radio operator skill incompatibility  appearing in the tooltip of IS-7 loader
  • Fixed incorrect cases of disconnecting player from server for reasons of 'spam_protection'
  • Fixed rare Crash-to-Desktop occurring during loading of the map
  • Fixed a rare issue with losing control over the tank during a battle
  • Fixed cases of loading a current but unselected type of ammunition during reloading of magazine.
  • Fixed a rare issue of user settings failing to store on the server
  • Fixed catapulting of small tanks when entering small  objects on 'Tundra' map
  • Fixed client freeze occurring at the start of battle recording simultaneous to minimizing/maximizing game window
  • Fixed pressed-button freeze during simultaneous switching between the windowed and full-screen modes
  • Fixed fuzzy display of some achievements in the 'Statistics' tab.
  • Fixed the failure of voice chat to turn off when leaving a battle
  • Fixed logic of frag counter in the top part of the screen
  • Fixed uncontrolled turning of the camera at the moment of entering SPG mode when a player’s vehicle is hit
  • Fixed the 'Average XP per battle' display in tank crew personal files
  • Fixed a different reaction on pressing 'esc' without focusing on a specific dialogue window.
  • Fixed small issues with the windows for 'Exterior' camouflage and emblem setting