Main Changes

Multinational Vehicles

  • Now players can change the nation of some Premium vehicles. First of all, we are talking about the well-known captured vehicles, vehicles supplied under Lend-Lease, and representatives of historical and cultural heritage, such as the Polish T-34-85 Rudy.
  • This feature will allow players to complete missions that have national restrictions. Upon changing the vehicle's nation, it becomes possible to use the crews, equipment, and consumables of the corresponding nation. A player's configuration of the vehicle for another nation (crew, mounted equipment) can be saved, and the operation of switching between nations is free for players. The legendary T-34-85 Rudy will become the first multinational vehicle. Its nation can be switched between the Soviet Union and Poland.

Changes to Ranked Battles

  • Changed the qualification logic. Added Bonus Battles for the number of chevrons according to the results of the qualification.
  • Made some balance changes to the system of role experience.
  • Implemented bonuses to Combat Experience and bonds for high performance upon passing the qualification.


Added new styles that can be purchased for gold in the Exterior interface:

  • One style per nation (the School series: American School, Soviet School, etc.)
  • A universal 2D style (Ranger) for all nations for all vehicle types.

Changes to the technical characteristics of the following vehicles


  • Added the following vehicles for testing by Supertest players:
    • Tier IX—Object 703 Version II (122)
    • Tier IX—Object 703 Version II (100)


  • Added the following vehicles for testing by Supertest players:
    • Tier IX— Kampfpanzer 50t


  • Added the following vehicles for testing by Supertest players:
    • Tier VIII—Turtle Mk. I

Fixed Issues

  • Updated the mission condition for Union-6. Don't Stop Me Now
  • Fixed the issue of the Commander's voiceover in the Frontline mode.
  • Removed the button (X) of switching the movement/shooting modes in postmortem.
  • The effect of Situational Awareness is correctly displayed in the vehicle comparison interface.
  • Fixed the display of the medal For Distinguished Service.
  • Fixed the display of the Artillery Strike impact area when playing in autoreloader vehicles in the Frontline mode.
  • Fixed the issue of mismatch in the number of Base capture points in the battle performance badge and in the Battle Results.
  • Fixed the issue when base capture time did not update after leaving the zone and driving back into it.
  • Fixed the issue when the hull lock did not work for tank destroyers after playing in a wheeled vehicle in the Frontline mode.
  • Added detailed descriptions for the Combat Reserves in the window that is displayed upon right-click.
  • Considerably decreased client hanging when researching vehicles and modules.
  • Vehicles for special modes are no longer displayed as appropriate for completing Missions.

Known Issues

  • Players can re-train crew members to special vehicles that are currently not available in the game.
  • There is no protection from spam-clicking on the minimap.
  • Vehicle type icons in the extended vehicle panels do not change their color dynamically, when selecting the Colorblind mode in battle.
  • The order of events for received damage is sometimes mixed up in the damage log.
  • The text of Mission conditions is not displayed in the congratulation window, provided that the required vehicle type is specified in the Mission conditions.
  • The client cannot be maximized to the full-screen mode, provided that the player is having a Skype call.
  • The vehicle tiers in the screen displayed upon pressing TAB are not centered relative to the vehicle icons.
  • When a vehicle hits the ground without damaging modules, the sound of taking damage is played.
  • Shaking aiming circle in the 16x and 25x magnifications in the Siege Mode during the Frontline battles.
  • The reticle indicator remains on the SPG after switching to the Artillery mode, if a vehicle partially intersects the red line.
  • Events at the end of the battle are not synchronized with the text of the battle result.
  • In some cases, automatic repair/replenishment of ammo and consumables after a battle does not take place, when the amount of credits on the account is sufficient.
  • In some cases, fallen trees fall through the terrain.
  • The consumables are not replenished from the Depot, if the player does not have enough credits for a complete automatic ammunition resupply.
  • Notifications about crediting WoT Premium Account compensation for server downtime are missing in some cases.
  • When previewing a bundle in the Store, the compensation value for a rented vehicle is displayed.
  • The Battle Results are missing information about deducting bonds in case of automatic resupply of Directives.
  • In some cases, when playing in Platoon and changing the map blacklist, it is not updated.
  • Vehicles take damage when ramming into stationary objects on the map (a tree, rock, or house) after falling from a small height.
  • The Ranked Battles award class for Seasonal Crusade and Citius, Altius, Fortius! are displayed inappropriately on the Portal.