Top of the Tree: Object 268


The time has come to swing the Soviet hammer. This edition of the Top of the Tree special will focus on the powerful Soviet Tank Destroyers. Follow the research line leading to the Object 268 and enjoy great discounts and crew XP bonuses:

50% discount on purchase of the following Soviet vehicles:

V SU-85

30% discount on purchase of the following Soviet vehicles:

VI SU-100
VII SU-152
IX Object 704
X Object 268


+50% Crew XP bonus on all vehicles discounted in the special

Your crews will be also very excited about the new toys in your garage!


These bonuses will be available from 01 September at 07:10 until 15 September at 07:00 CEST (UTC+2).


Object 268

In-Game Performance
The Object 268 is an outstanding vehicle in its Tier: it has an impressive penetration value of 303 mm, with standard armour-piercing ammunition and a good rate of fire, which, when combined with an average of 750 points of damage per shot, gives this vehicle one of the best damage per minute ratios among Tier X tank destroyers. Despite these outstanding features, the Object 268 is not without its disadvantages. Most prominently is its armour, which is decent only on the front and quite weak everywhere else. Moreover, the vehicle can be prone to module damage when shot – the tracks, ammo rack and fuel tanks often suffering damage in battle. In addition to this, the gun arc of this vehicle is quite limited, forcing you at times to turn your entire vehicle, thus negatively affecting your aiming. Last but not least is the huge commander’s cupola – an obvious weak spot – so you can be sure the enemy will be aiming for it when confronting you from the front.

In addition, the Object 268’s gun is very accurate – a feature which distinguishes it from many other Soviet vehicles. It’s also worth mentioning that, just like most Soviet Tank Destroyers, the Object 268 sports very good camouflage values, making it very difficult to spot on the battlefield. Another great trait of this vehicle is its good speed and manoeuvrability, allowing it to quickly change positions should the situation demand it.

So how do you play it? The Object 268 is a very versatile tank. Its good accuracy and camouflage values allow you to play the role of sniper and take down enemy vehicles from afar. If you want to play the tank this way, make sure to install the right equipment, in order to maximise your effectiveness. We would suggest getting a Large Calibre Gun Rammer; Improved Ventilation, for a better rate of fire; and a Camouflage Net, to make you harder to detect.

Player tip: Please bear in mind that as your gun arc is quite narrow, you will need to be careful not to move your vehicle while aiming at a target. If you do, your aim will be reset, and your Camouflage Net and Telescope will stop working. In order to avoid
this lock your vehicle with the X key
, in order to prevent the gun traversal from moving your tank.

In addition, if you see your Object 268 as a sniper, make sure to train your crew accordingly. Here are our suggestions for crew skills:

Commander width=
Gunner width= width=
Driver width= width=
1st Loader width= width=
2nd Loader width= width=


If sniping is not your thing, you can use the vehicle’s good speed, manoeuvrability and angled frontal plate in close and mid-ranged combat. However, be aware that if you use this play-style you need to be extra careful to not get flanked by enemy tanks. Lacking a turret and possessing weak side-armour, you have no means to defend yourself in such situations. Therefore, we strongly advise you to always travel with at least one teammate who will protect your flanks. Also, never forget to retreat to safety while reloading after each shot – most mediums and a lot of heavy tanks in your Tier have a better rate of fire than you and given the chance they will gladly shower you with lead while you wait for your loaders to finish their job. Brawlers are strongly recommended to install a Large Calibre Gun Rammer, an Enhanced Gun Laying Drive and Improved Ventilation. For crew skills, we recommend the following:

Commander width= width=
Gunner width= width= width=
Driver width= width= width=
1st Loader width= width= width=
2nd Loader width= width= width=


Get yourself one of these monsters and bring the pain, Commanders!