Special: Hidden and Dangerous

This weekend, the battlefields will be very unsafe.  Lots of tank destroyers and self-propelled guns will be waiting in ambush for you... Of course, it could always be you doing the ambushing! With this weekend’s special offer, parking some new tank destroyers or SPGs in your garage will be cheaper and well rewarded!

From 23rd March at 06:10 CET (05:10 GMT) until 26th March at 06:00 CET (05:00 GMT), you will be able to enjoy the following bonuses when entering your garage:


x3 experience for the first victory

All your vehicles will earn triple experience the first time they win each day of the special!

And we know that real tankers never lose a battle…

Medal Hunt: Confederate

Shoot them all! Each time you earn the Confederate medal, you will be automatically rewarded with 10,000 additional credits. Be ready to damage more enemy vehicle than all the other commanders on the battlefield, and wait for your teammates to finish them off.

Now you just need to decide what to spend all credits on… life is hard!

50% discount on the following Tier VI Tank Destroyers:

  SU-100 Soviet SU-100
  M36 Jackson American M36 Jackson
  M18 Hellcat American M18 Hellcat
  JagdPz IV
German JagdPz IV
  ARL V39 French ARL V39



50% discount on the following Tier V Self-Propelled Guns:

   SU-8 Soviet SU-8
   M41 American M41
   Hummel German Hummel
   AMX 13 F3 AM French AMX 13 F3 AM



50% more profit with the nine vehicles listed above.

Each time you battle with one of the vehicles on the list, you will earn 50% more credits at the end of the battle.

Did you know that piggy banks come in tank shapes these days?

Discount on Premium vehicles

30% discount on the British Tier VII tank destroyer AT-15ASave 1,950 gold when obtaining this vehicle. In real life, it never passes the prototype stage.  In World of Tanks it is powerful and deadly.

50% discount on the French Tier IV self-propelled gun 105 le FH18B2Get this efficiently armoured machine for just 750 gold!

Premium vehicles always come complete with Elite status, which allows you to convert the experience that they win to use on other vehicles. They also earn more credits after each battle, so they are a good investment.

Park some golden steel in your garage!


Up to 50% discount on inscriptions

You can add inscriptions to your vehicles by clicking on the appearance button in your garage. The discount is available both for gold (permanent) and credit (temporary) tags. Which one will you choose?

Be proud to show off your mood to everybody!

50% discount on consumables

Repair kits, extinguishers or strong coffee… These items are not just in your tank just to look pretty, they are really useful when bad luck strikes! Nobody ever turns down chocolate and that includes your crews! Stockpile all you can - the discount is available on both gold and credit purchases.

As my Mother used to say: “Never go out without provisions!”

50% discount on garage slots

Of course, you will need to park all these discounted vehicles that you have just acquired! Don’t worry, enlarging your garage won’t cost a lot this weekend!

No, the tank-wash is not included in the parking price.



Tank destroyers are special vehicles specifically designed to destroy enemy tanks. That is why they usually have more powerful guns than other tanks. They often do not have a turret, so you will need to move the entire vehicle in order to aim; exceptions to this include US vehicles such as the M36 Jackson and the M18 Hellcat. Remember that on tank destroyers, your front armour may be strong, but your sides and back are very vulnerable! Face your enemies without being seen – that is the first rule for a tank destroyer commander.

Self-propelled guns are basically big guns mounted on light supports, designed to remain behind the lines it order to fire at huge range. Artillery shells have very tall firing arcs – these are the vehicles which rain shells down on their targets instead of just firing them straight ahead. When facing self-propelled guns in the enemy team, make sure you keep moving. Don’t park, or destruction will surely follow. Are you an artillery player? If you want to know how to rain your deadly shells efficiently on your enemies, go and check out our video on the best tactics to use with Tier V self-propelled guns.

Which vehicle will you choose? The hidden and silent tank destroyer ready to ambush your foes, or a self-propelled gun for inflicting a deadly surprise from above? Perhaps you prefer a light tank to scout out these vehicles and make it possible for your team to destroy them? Whichever side you play, you will earn three times more experience than usual for your first victory – the only requirement is to be in the victorious team!

Roll out carefully – they are hidden, ready and waiting for you!