Special: Ambush


The best actions are those which are well-planned, and what takes more careful planning than an ambush? This weekend, you have the chance to prepare your most powerful strikes with this special  dedicated to the battlefield’s most sneaky vehicles.

From Saturday 20th April 07:10 CEST (GMT+2) until Tuesday 23rd April 07:00 CEST (GMT+2), you will be spoiled with bonuses. 



X3 experience for the first victory

Every day during the special, you will earn 3 times more experience on the first victory of the day with all of your vehicles.

Pile up your experience points and research the vehicle of your dreams!


Medal Hunt: Defender

Prevent the capture of your base. Each time you earn the Defender medal by reducing the amount of enemy capture points on your base by 70 or more, you will be rewarded with 15,000 credits!

Don’t let them steal your flag!




30% discount on the following Tier VII Tank Destroyers:

SU-152 (Soviet)

SU-100M1 (Soviet)

Jagdpanther (German)

T25 AT (American)

T25/2 (American)

AMX AC Mle.1946 (French)

AT 7 (British)


You will also be able to enjoy 30% increased profits on all of these vehicles except the Jagdpanther (which is already enjoying the bonus all through April for being our Tank of the Month).


30% Discount on this Premium Tier VII Tank Destroyer:

SU-122-44 (Soviet)

Every tanker likes to get new vehicles for less!

100% profit more with the following Tier III Tank Destroyers:

SU-76 (Soviet)
Marder II (German)
T82 (American)
Renault UE 57 (French)
Valentine AT (British)


Never played a tank destroyer? Give it a go and enjoy earning more credits with these deadly machines!


Up to 50% discount on emblems

Whether you want to stick them on for a week or forever, you can do it for less credits or gold.

Customise your favourite vehicle! Which emblem do you prefer?


Tank destroyers are special vehicles specifically designed to destroy enemy tanks. That is why they usually have more powerful guns than other tanks. They often do not have a turret, so you will need to move the entire vehicle in order to aim. Remember that on tank destroyers, your front armour may be strong, but your sides and back are very vulnerable! Face your enemies without being seen – that is the first rule for a tank destroyer commander.

Be ready to hunt the enemies with these powerful machines. Which one will you play the most?


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