Special: Africa - Beginning of the End


As you might know, the Second World War in Africa (also known as the North African Campaign or Desert War) was running in North and East Africa from 10th June 1940 until 16th May 1943. It included combats conducted in the deserts of Egypt, Libya, Morocco and Algeria, along with many fights in Tunis. In particular, the region of Libya witnessed extensive military operations.

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Libya was an Italian colony from 1911 until 1943. As mentioned before, the region witnessed extensive military operations during the Second World War. The opposing sides (Germans, Italians and British) took turns at who dominated in the region.  At the end of 1942, the British finally managed to stay in control, and slowly started to push out the Italian and German troops from Libya. However, the advance was hampered by long supply lines – the main Allied supply port at this time was Tobruk, and supplies had to travel almost one thousand kilometers to reach the frontline. Capturing the next major port – Tripoli, the capital of Libya – became crucial.

On 15th January 1943, General Montgomery launched the 51st (Highland) Division against Rommel's defenses near Buerat, while sending the 2nd New Zealand Division and 7th Armored Divisions around the inland flank of the Axis line. While the German defenders were relatively strong, they were weakened by the withdrawal of the 21st Panzer Division to Tunisia, and by lack of fuel and ammunition. Under strong Allied pressure, Rommel was once again forced to conduct a fighting retreat towards the Tunisian border and to the French-built fortifications called the Mareth Line.

The advance was hastened with a flanking attack by the 2nd and 7th divisions, covering almost 400 km by roads towards Tripoli within a week. Tripoli, with its major port facilities, was taken on the 23rd  January and it was quickly restored to operations, receiving the first ships by mid-February. Capture of this port city and the Axis retreat from Libya marked the beginning of the end for Axis forces in the North Africa.

However, even whilst in retreat, the Axis forces in North Africa were still dangerous.  At the beginning of December, the first Tiger heavy tanks were deployed to Tunisia to help hold the Northern flank of Axis holdings in Africa, but it wasn’t until January when the last of sPzAbt. 501’s Tigers arrived. While their impact, both tactical and psychological, was great, the Desert Campaign was slowly drawing to an end.


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