[UPDATE] Special: Slow and Steady


This weekend the battlefield’s credo will be “slowly but steadily!” Get in your trusty steel juggernauts and push the enemy back to their base, one burning wreck at a time!

Here’s what you can expect during this special:


Double Crew Experience*

Train your crews at double the rate!

*This bonus will be available from Friday 17thJanuary 06:10 until Sunday 19th January 06:00 CET (GMT+1).


Double Experience for every Victory*

Ready for a major boost in progress? Enjoy double XP income in every victorious battle!

*This bonus will apply to any vehicle once it has achieved its First Victory of the Day and will only be awarded to the top ten players on the winning team (in terms of basic XP gained), and it will be available from Sunday 19thJanuary 06:10 until Monday 20th January 06:00 CET (GMT+1).

50% Discount and Income Bonus on the following standard vehicles:

V T1 Heavy Tank  
V AT 2  
V Churchill I  
V BDR G1 B  
V KV-1  


30% Discount and Income Bonus on the following standard vehicles:

VI T-150  
VI ARL 44  
VI Jagdpanzer IV  
VI AT 8  
VI M6  


50% Discount on the following Premium Vehicles*

V T14  
III Pz.Kpfw. S35 739 (f)  
IV Valentine II  
V Matilda IV  
V Churchill III  


30% Discount on the following Premium Vehicles*

VII AT 15A  


*Please note that the premium vehicles’ discounts will also apply to the Premium Shop offers for the duration of the special. However, please bear in mind that the discount in the Premium Shop only applies to the vehicle and the prices of any additional package contents (such as a Garage Slot) remain the same.  


50% Discount on Crew (Re)Training

Assign your crews to new vehicles or recruit new tankmen at half the gold price!



Damage, Inc.
Goal Deal at least 4,000 damage in one battle
Reward +3,000 Crew Experience
  • Random Battles only
  • Tier restriction: IV or higher

*Please note that this mission does not have a limitation on how many times you can complete it – as long as it is active and the goals are fulfilled, you can enjoy the reward!


You can enjoy these bonuses from Friday 17th January 06:10 until Monday 20th January 06:00 CET (GMT+1).


Make sure that you also check out the other January missions and profit even more!


They can run but they cannot hide!