Meet the New Frontline Rental Tanks


The second episode of Frontline is already closing in on us, and with this new chapter come two new rental vehicles that you can bring on the battlefield. Check the complete process here, and take a look at this powerful duo!

  • 112: a solid Chinese heavy tank, made for close combat and ready to brawl on your behalf
  • FV4202: a reliable British medium, perfect for sniping from the comfort of the second line
Important: if you want to park something more versatile in your garage, the T-44 will remain the first vehicle of the list during the whole 2019 season of Frontline.
  • 112
  • FV4202
  • T-44



If you think the 112 is just a copy of the IS-6, you're in for a big surprise. True, this guy somewhat looks like its Soviet counterpart, but his skin is even thicker, thanks to a simple slopped armour, especially strong on the turret or the side of the vehicle, capable of side-scrapping very effectively.

The 122 mm gun packs a massive punch and reloads quite fast. You will have to mind the high dispersion though. Better fight up close! 

Recommended equipment: add a Tank Gun Rammer, a Vertical Stabiliser, and an Enhanced Gun Laying Drive, just to make sure your gun won't fail you once in close combat.

Recommended skills: as a brawler, you should be able to repair any part of your tank pretty quickly. Go for Repair first, and of course, Sixth Sense is always a must!


A second line sniper, the FV4202 has most of the usual British tanks' characteristics. With this medium, you better use the great gun depression and good view range to your advantage.

Its 20 pdr. gun has great penetration, accuracy, and decent handling. A well-balanced boomstick for this British gentleman, which might surprise its enemies with its bouncy turret.

Recommended equipment: a Tank Gun Rammer, a Vertical Stabiliser, and Improved Ventilation although you can use Coated Optics just to boost the already reliable view range of the FV4202.

Recommended skills: quite solid and made to be played on the second line, this tank doesn't need Repair that much. You could actually achieve a great deal by going for a trustful Sixth Sense, Snap Shot, and Smooth Ride to beef up your accuracy.



This Tier VIII medium tank is known for its mobility, good camouflage, and decent armour. A pretty versatile mix that you can customise with two guns, each with a different play style.

The 100 mm LB-1 is well-balanced overall and the right choice if you like the usual medium tank gameplay.

The 122 mm D-25-44, on the contrary, is more specialized. It packs a much stronger punch but lacks reliability. 

Recommended equipment: a Tank Gun Rammer and a Vertical Stabiliser will help both guns. But if you go with the 122 mm, choose an Enhanced Gun Laying Drive over Improved Ventilation as third equipment.

Recommended skills: sixth Sense and Repair are a must, and Safe Storage is crucial as well due to the fragile ammo rack.


Roll out!