Slip, Shoot, & Slide: The Best Tanks to Play This Arcade Cabinet Weekend


Arcade Cabinet returns this weekend with your last chance to play both the Snowballs and Ice Age modes. Roll out on six snow-covered maps in Tier VIII or Tier X vehicles, fire snowy shells, and snow drift in style with out-of-balance machines!

You're guaranteed fun thrills and belly laughs all the way to the end of the event on January 8 at 23:59 CET (UTC+1). But before you get your skates on, check out our list of vehicles that are sure to excel in the unique mechanics of the Snowballs and Ice Age modes!

Hop aboard robust rammers, pinpoint penetrators, and versatile vehicles for success in Snowballs battles, and set your sights on wheeled warriors, steely snipers, and glorious gliders when playing in Ice Age mode.

See you in battle, Commanders! Roll Out!

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