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Update 9.3: Released!

Version 9.3 is now available! Download it now.

The HD textures file is now also available to download from the download page

This update will bring some new content as well as fixes and some vehicle balancing. Below you will find a handy summary of the additions and changes:

New high-tier light tanks

USA, USSR and Germany will receive new unique high-tier light tanks to their tech trees:

  • USA: T37 (Tier VI), M41 Walker Bulldog (Tier VII), T49 (Tier VIII).
  • USSR: LTTB (Tier VII), Т-54 Lightweight (Tier VIII).
  • Germany: Spahpanzer Ru 251 (Tier VIII)

(click images to enlarge)

New automated system to ensure fair play

With this update we will be introducing a new feature to deal with unsportsmanlike behavior, such as:

  • Frequent AFKing (away from keyboard)
  • Deserting the battle

For more information on this system, please refer to our feature article.


Six vehicles remodeled for HD quality

Continuing our efforts to bring your favourite tanks to new visual heights, we bring you the next batch of vehicles reworked for HD: T-34, M5 Stuart, M3 Lee, Jagdpanther, ISU-152 and IS-7.

 (click images to enlarge)

New visual effects

The update will also bring some visual changes to the game and the interface. These will include i.e.:

  • New garage interface arrangement
  • New destruction effects of vehicles and objects

Ricochet Mechanics Reworked

  • Shell will continue movement after ricochet, instead of disappearing

Strongholds improvements

The new game mode will be updated with two new features and a friendly improvement:

  • Possibility to employ Legionnaires (players unaffiliated with any clan)
  • Possibility of building the War Department, a building which will give random quests to the clan members
  • Removal of the limit of players attached to a building

Map Balancing

The map Murovanka underwent some design changes in order to ensure a better gameplay experience, including changing the map size from 800x800m to 1000x1000m.

Vehicle balancing

A few vehicles underwent some changes and balancing for a more optimized gameplay. These include:

  • M24 Chaffee
  • KV-1S
  • M6A2E1 
  • M18 Hellcat
  • Various other tanks

For the complete list of changes and additions please refer to the Updates section on the website.

You will be able to experiment with all of this new content once the new update is implemented in the game. In order to make the changes, the game server will be undergoing maintenance on 25 September from 05:00 to 12:00 CEST (UTC+2).

IMPORTANT: Update 9.3 is live and available now!


Will you be the first to test the new version, Commanders?