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Version 9.0 Released!

General News
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A new Game Mode, HD tank models and lots of useful game improvements – this is Version 9.0. Get ready, Commanders!


The new version is now live. You can download it from the Download Game page. Don't forget that there is a special new wallpaper for you as well!


New Game Mode: Historical Battles

This game mode will be available in the garage battle menu alongside Random Battles, Team Battles, Tank Companies, etc. The main characteristic of Historical Battles is that the mode will allow you to reenact the real tank battles that took place in history.

Key Features:

  • At the date of release, the game mode will feature 3 different historical battles: the Battle of Kursk, the Battle of the Bulge and Operation: Spring Awakening.
  • Historical Battles will be fought using only the vehicles that were used during the real battles.
  • The game mode is open to all players, provided that they have at least one of the appropriate vehicles in their garage.
  • The battles in this mode are fought using historical vehicle configurations and each player’s vehicle will be automatically modified to fit the requirements for the particular battle.
  • Historical Battles brings with it some new achievements, which can only be obtained by playing in this game mode.
  • This game mode also introduces 3 new German vehicles to the game:
    • Pz.Kpfw. IV Ausf. A, Tier III medium tank
    • Pz.Kpfw. IV Ausf. D, Tier IV medium tank
    • StuG III Ausf. B, Tier IV tank destroyer
  • Even though the introduction of these vehicles was dictated primarily by the need for historical accuracy in the Historical Battles mode, the tanks will also be available for use in all other game modes, just like other vehicles. 


New High Definition tank models

Version 9.0 will rework the following 10 vehicles for better quality display:

  • Т-54
  • Т-34-85
  • Panther
  • Tiger I
  • Maus
  • M4 Sherman
  • M18 Hellcat
  • M103
  • Tortoise
  • Centurion Mk. 7/1 


Reworked Maps

Several maps will experience some layout changes in order to improve the gameplay balance.


This icy map is seriously hazardous. Whether beginning from the northwest or the southeast, it often becomes a battle for the hill. Frequently, battles result in focused sniping, whittling away at the enemy tank destroyers until the rest of your team can advance.

With Version 9.0, Severogorsk has been reimagined. The flags and spawn points are now aligned in the north and the south. The eastern channel has been fortified, providing additional protection along this path. The western approach has been modified as well, now offering a more balanced engagement zone and protection against sniper fire.


Before Version 9.0


Pearl River

Dotted with foliage and set deep in the mountains, this map has hosted countless heavy engagements. With roads winding through the hilly terrain, there’s never a shortage of nooks and crannies to conceal you as you head towards the enemy encampment. Your other option is to take the bridge, a strategy that often comes at the cost of teammates’ destruction or that of your own vehicle.

In Version 9.0, Pearl River is reborn. The flags and spawning zones have been moved. The eastern base has shifted uphill, providing a new layer of protection to defenders and an altered approach for attackers. The western base is now downhill and the approach has been changed as well.

At the same time, many pathways have been updated and revised, and the mountainous terrain now offers additional hiding spots. The central mountain has been fully revised with a squat village perched atop it. The original town has been expanded, allowing for a range of close-combat encounters. ‘Heavy tank alley’ has also been altered to allow more flexibility on the battlefield.


Before Version 9.0



Popular in Random Battles and home to dramatic eSports duels, this battlefield is familiar to almost every tanker. This summer map featuring high ground to the northeast and a relatively flat field to the southwest frequently witnesses shootouts, with high-powered tanks blasting each other from high ground or across the flat dirt.

With the arrival of 9.0, Malinovka enjoys legitimate retooling in the interest of even competition. You’ll notice a repositioning of obstacles to the north and a reimagined hill with a more gradual slope. The race to the hilltop will require a modified strategy to successfully control this region.

In the south, ‘sniper’s field’ has been flattened and widened slightly. With fewer places to hide but a bit more room to manoeuvre, expect an explosive combat zone of a different nature. You’ll notice that the base to the south has been changed slightly as well and, if you look closely, you might find some new cover there, too!


Before Version 9.0


Serene Coast

Bounded by the sea to the east and mountains to the north, this battlefield supports varied terrain and combat scenarios. Fight it out in the summer heat amidst the wooded areas or make your way through the east and tread lightly near the water.

At the release of 9.0, Serene Coast will rise from the sea! Now there is even more space for intense steel-on-steel combat. But the seaside is not the only part of Serene Coast that is being redone.

To the east, this map now features a shifted, larger hill, increasing the available cover for forces that are mobile in that area. This revision will change the balance of combat to that side. Speed and strategy will be key to controlling this space.


Before Version 9.0



For full details of the changes please see the Release Notes.

Version 9.0 is now available. The game will update automatically when you launch the client. You can also download the update manually from the Download Game page on the portal.


If you have feedback to share about this new version, there is a dedicated forum section.


See you on the battlefields, Commanders!