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Version 8.8 is here!

With the new 8.8 version you can expect to discover new tanks, a new map and play an improved game! Some of the new features are listed below.


The opportunity to sell your T26E4 SuperPershing tier VIII premium tank has now been released, this opportunity was mentioned with the release of the 8.6 update. So you are now able to sell this tank in game for gold! However this will only be available until the release of the 8.9 update. 


New Branch of Soviet Medium Tanks:
  • A-43 (Tier VI)
  • A-44 (Tier VII)
  • Object 416 (Tier VIII)
  • Object 140 (Tier X)

А-43 А-44

Object 416 Object 140



New Additions to the German Tech Tree:
  • Durchbruchswagen 2 (Tier IV heavy tank)
  • VK 30.02 (M) (Tier VI medium tank)

Durchbruchswagen 2 VK 30.02 (M)



Changes in the German Tech Tree:
  • VK 30.01 H will be rebalanced and moved to Tier V as a heavy tank
  • VK 36.01 H will be rebalanced and reclassified as a heavy tank


2 new Chinese Premium Tanks:
  • T-34-3, Tier VIII Medium Tank
  • 112, Tier VIII Heavy Tank
T-34-3 112


They are also now available in the Gift Shop until the launch of next version! We are also happy to announce that the T26E4 SuperPershing tier VIII premium tank is now back in our gift shop until the launch of the next version!


New Map: Tundra

This Autumn-style map will introduce open spaces as well as some rocky and forest terrains.



You will find the full list of changes in the patch notes section

The maintenance is now over and the download of the new content will begin once you launch the game. You can also download it manually via the Download section


Players with a Premium account during the maintenance will be compensated.


Make sure to check out the new tanks and don’t forget to get to visit the new map!