Top of the Tree: Kranvagn


Thanks to a certain furniture store, Swedish products have a claim to fame with complicated instructions and unpronounceable names. While this might hold true for bookshelves and dinner tables, Swedish tanks up to the Kranvagn are straightforward and don’t need to hide behind other tank lines, although hiding seems to be what they were made for. Thanks to impressive gun depression angles for most of the tanks in this line, which starts off light, sees some mediums, and ends in heavy tanks, Swedish tanks are best played in hull-down positions and on uneven terrain. The gun selection, dominated by 7.5 cm calibre ones in the middle, shines with decent penetration values, but the main attractions are the autoloaders for Tier VIII to X.

The combination of tough turrets and high potential damage will let you disassemble enemy tanks from 5 March at 06:00 CET to 20 March at 06:00 CET (UTC+1).

Discounts for the Branch

50% off

30% oFF

Missions up to Tier X

For two weeks, you'll have something to fight for every day! This includes x5 XP per vehicle every day, Crew XP bonuses, and other significant rewards, helping you to reach Tier X. You can find more information about the missions below:

  • Crew XP
  • Damaging Push
  • Push through!
  • Kranvagn
Crew XP


  •  x2 Crew XP


  • Play a battle 
  • Place in the top seven of your team by base XP earned


  • Only available for the vehicles featured in this special
Damaging Push


  •  6,500 XP
  • 1 Personal Reserve: +50% XP for 1 hour


  • Deal 20,000 damage over any number of battles


Push through!


  •  Vertical Stabilizer Mk 2


  • Deal 200,000 damage over any number of battles




  •  1 Large Repair Kit
  •  1 Large First Aid Kit
  •  1 Automatic Fire Extinguisher
  •  1 Personal Reserve: +300% Crew XP for 1 hour


  • Play 5 battles
  • Place in the top ten of your team by base XP earned


Climb the Tree Faster

If a free bonus of x5 XP for a battle per tank of the line every day is not enough for you, you can always go for an extra boost. These packages will be available as soon as the new Top of the Tree kicks off, and they are here to help you climb the tree even faster.

Top of the Tree Boost Offers

Best Buy
  • Two extra x5 XP bonuses for every vehicle in the line
  • Double rewards for the "Kranvagn" mission
  • 1 "Swedish Assault" style, emblems and inscriptions
  •  14 days of World of Tanks Premium Account
ends in:
Top of the Tree Boost
  • Two extra x5 XP bonuses for every vehicle in the line
  • Emblems and inscriptions
ends in:

The bonuses included in the bundles will not accumulate if you buy both of them.

Increase your daily x5 XP bonuses to three with bundles that also feature cosmetic extras, as well as an additional reward for heading into battle with the Kranvagn.


Roll Out!