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Team Battles 9.4 Changes

General News
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Team Battles have been providing outstanding fun for everyone craving to try out competitive gaming in small, organised, seven member teams. Since their implementation, countless tanks have been sent to the scrap yard and tremendous amounts of data and feedback have been collected.

Based on this data, the decision has been reached that changes are necessary. Many solutions have been put through testing with help of top League players and other testers. As a result, the new, improved Team Battle mode has been crafted.

Seven Players

The team size will remain the same, with seven active players in each team.


Two Permitted Tank Line-ups

  • Five Tier VIII tanks and two Tier VII tanks.
  • Six Tier VIII tanks and one Tier VI tank.

No more Tier I’s serving as scouts! Every vehicle can deliver a significant amount of firepower to the battlefield.


Special, Carefully Crafted Team Battle Assault Maps

All games will be played in assault mode on maps specially adjusted to 7 vs. 7 needs.

Two Base Capture Zones on Each Map

The defenders will have two bases they will have to defend. Each base capture zone has a separate base capture point counter and points do not stack from the two separate counters. Resetting one counter does not influence the other.

Maps available in the first iteration of the new mode will be: Cliff, Himmelsdorf (and Winter Himmelsdorf), Kharkov, Mannerheim Line, Murovanka, Prohorovka, Ruinberg, Siegfried Line, Steppes, Tundra.


Shorter Battles, Longer Cap Timers

The battles were shortened to seven minutes each. Each base will have a 120 second counter instead of the traditional 100 second one from the standard battle mode.


Great, How Do I Win?

It’s easy! All you have to keep in mind are these three rules:

  • The attacker can win by destroying all defending tanks or capturing one or both bases at the same time. Capturing one base is enough to achieve victory!
  • The defender has to destroy all attacking tanks or survive with at least one operational vehicle until the end of the battle while preventing the attackers from capturing the base zone.
  • If the time runs out and neither of the teams has been destroyed and neither of the bases were captured, the defenders are proclaimed victorious.

It’s that simple. All details of the mode will be provided with the 9.4 patch notes coming later this year.


Want to try out the new mode? Join the Common Test opening ASAP!