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Update: Recruiting Station

The Recruiting Station has undergone some very significant changes to make finding clans or new recruits for your own clan much easier. First of all, the station is easily accessible from the “Community” section on our portal and has been significantly upgraded to provide a lot of helpful information for both clans and individual players searching for one.

Here’s the list of major changes and additions:

  • Created a dedicated page for the Recruitment Station on the portal
  • Provided the possibility to mark days in the week that players are available to play
  • Provided the possibility to mark the options "Tank Companies" and "Platoons"
  • Modified the “Time in game” string to display the player’s local time
  • Added additional languages for all regions
  • Added a sub-section that displays the clans that players’ friends belong to
  • Added the possibility to stipulate 3 vehicles that the recruit should possess
  • Added an advanced customisable search engine


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