Global Map

Global Map

Clan Wars is a browser-based follow-up to World of Tanks, allowing you to struggle for world supremacy. Unite in a clan to confront other challengers in fierce battles for territories on the Global Map. Owning provinces is not only a testimony to the clan’s success, but it also serves as a source of steady gold income. Engage in the struggle for world domination!

Clan Wars on this map temporarily suspended

Starting from Friday 10th January, all battles conducted on the Global Map are subject to the standard Clan Wars rules:

  • Tank locking enabled
  • Fog of War enabled
  • Spies/counter-spies enabled
  • Revolts enabled
  • Ransacks enabled
  • Subversions disabled
  • Tier restriction: I-X
  • Province income: standard
  • Landing zones: standard
  • Landing application limit: 64

More information about Clan Wars can be found in the appropriate section of our website.

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