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Model and Virtual Tank Bundles!

Grab a tank in real life and get another credited to your World of Tanks account!

486 Tournament: the Battle for Object 252U Defender

Be amongst the first to drive the new Object 252U defender by winning in our multi-tier competition!

Premium Shop: Break the Vault important

Check out this week's offers in the Premium Shop!

Tank Nation Spotlight: USA important

This weekend we are focusing on America's best and hardest - bet on versatility and enjoy some nice discounts and bonuses!

The Mighty Object 252U Defender important

The defender of the Fatherland has arrived! Read now to learn all about this menacing machine.

WGLEU Season II, week 7

Don't miss the decisive battle for first place: DiNG versus Go Hard!

Stronghold Mode Revision: When’s and How’s important

The release schedule, Reserves and Structures transition, compensations, and more.

Update 9.17.1 Is Here

Discover revised Tech Trees, a new Strongholds battle format, improved platoon spawning system, and more.

Collector's Gem of the Week: Pz. B2

This week, we offer tank collectors the opportunity of getting a hold of the German heavy tank, the Pz. Kpfw. B2 740 (f)!

Update 9.17.1: German Tech Tree

The revised Maus line, balance tweaks to medium tanks and TDs, and changes to select Premium vehicles.

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