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Contest: Chinese New Year

Let’s celebrate the Chinese New Year 2017 and play tanks from the Middle Kingdom!

WGLEU: the Road to The Grand Finals

You love watching the big thing, but you don't really know how the teams get there? Let us clarify this for you.

FabZat Busts and Mobile Phone Cases!

In November we told you about our partnership with FabZat and brought you busts. Now they're offering even more with personalised mobile phone cases too!

Special: The Fall of Tripoli important

On January 1943, Montgomery’s troops entered Tripoli, an important milestone in the North African Campaign. Let’s celebrate it on our battlefields!

Kick Off The Year With 10% Off

New year, new discounts. Enjoy 10% off your orders from the Wargaming Store with this special offer!

Premium Shop: 112 important

This week's highlight in the Premium Shop will be the sturdy Chinese brawler!

WGLEU Season II, week 2

The battle for the Grand Finals has begun!

Sandbox Server's Second Iteration Begins

Apply now to test revised penetration loss values, accuracy, and alpha damage.

486 Tournament: Winter Edition

The weather is getting colder and so are the tournament maps!

WGL Silver Series Season II, 2016-2017

The Silver Series will restart on 17 January!

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