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TopGaming is introducing special tournaments to honour The Grand Finals

The Grand Finals are near, our partner TopGaming is inviting you to take part in a special set of tournaments.

Tank Academy: Peek-A-Boo and Hull Down

A new Tank Academy course is available! Learn how to hide your hull, play with your turret and surprise the enemy with swift jabs from cover!

Version 9.7: New French Vehicles – An Overview important

The French tech tree will be supplemented with a number of new exciting vehicles. Read now to learn more about them!

Video: The Challenger Asia Edition - Kinmen

Curious about what The_Challenger has been up to lately? Read now to learn all about his recent trip to the Far East!

Premium Shop: Grand Finals Offers important

Check out the special Premium Shop offers which honour the League Grand Finals!

Viva La Winners of WGL! important

Cheer on our teams during the Grand Finals! Special missions will be coming to the top-placed regions!

Premium Shop: Bountiful Trinity important

Check out this week’s offers in the Premium Shop!

Special: Warming Up for The Grand Finals

The Wargaming. Net League Grand Finals are about to commence – warm yourselves up before the competition with this special!

The Grand Finals: Exclusive AMX 13 57 tank important

A new challenger appears! Get to know the new French AMX 13 57 that is going to be available exclusively during the Grand Finals!

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