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Centenary of Tanks. Crompton’s and McAfee’s Vehicles

Read now to learn more about some interesting early tank concepts.

Convoy Event Coming Soon

We're commemorating the 100th anniversary of the Battle of the Somme, the first battle in history to feature tanks. Read now for a sneak peek of the amazing anniversary event you will be able to experience very soon!

Wargaming Community Party 2016 at the Roonburg

After the success of our past parties, we had the pleasant responsibility to throw another during gamescom 2016!

World of Tanks Economy important

We have launched a new guide page explaining the economy of World of Tanks and premium services -check it out!

Coming Soon: Mission Marathon T-44-100 important

Do you have what it takes to complete this special mission and reach for the grand prize?

Special: 100 Years of Tanks - Mission 3 important

The third round of celebratory missions is up - good hunting!

Premium Shop: End of WWII Anniversary important

Check out these special offers, brought back for this special anniversary!

World of Tanks Gets Its Own Comic!

This historically-inspired story penned by the legendary comic icon, Garth Ennis, is making its way to the shelves!

15% Off All World Of Tanks Italeri Model Kits

We've got a special offer for you, 15% off the entire World of Tanks and Warships lines of Italeri Model Kits! How does that sound?

Sandbox: 1st Iteration Review

The results of the initial stage of the tests are in - check them out!

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