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Wallpaper for August 2016

Check out the amazing artwork we have prepared to tank up your desktop this month!

Special: Chinese Tanks Roll Out! important

This weekend, we focus on the Chinese hybrid tanks!

Premium Shop: When Two Worlds Collide important

This week, we bring you a special offer featuring a unique hybrid medium tank!

Version 9.15.1: Buying Personal Reserves In-Game important

With the upcoming update, Personal Reserves will become available for purchase in the game client.

The Centenary of Tanks. The Cornerstones important

Read now to learn about the technological inventions that were prerequisites to developing the first tank!

Clan Wars: New Clan Portal Version

The Clan Portal has been updated with a couple of new handy features, including Clan Specialisation.

Get More Gold With Paypal!

We’ve got a special offer for you, so you can get more bang for your buck!

Collector's Gem of the Week: M4 Improved important

Want to expand your tank collection? Make sure you visit the Premium Shop then!

Update 9.15.1: Technical Aspects important

Read now to learn what tweaks "under the hood" the game will experience with the upcoming patch.

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