Missions for November 2014

Check out what exciting tasks you will be able to complete in November!

Top of the Tree: Object 140 important

Check out the newest edition of the special! This time, it’s the nimble mediums from the Soviet Union.

Premium Shop: Packages for November 2014 important

Check out the special packages which will be available in November!

Premium Shop: The Ultimate Warrior important

Check out what are this week’s highlights in the Premium Shop!

Special: Halloween Weekend important

The battlefields get scary as November approaches! Celebrate Halloween in World of Tanks!

Clan Wars: Third Campaign Coming Soon! important

Get ready for a major event coming to the Global Map – the Third Campaign will roll out soon!

Fun Cup: Back to Your Roots 3

The Tier I tournament is back for another run! Register now!

Update 9.4: Changes in the Ramming Mechanics

Ramming is a good way of dealing damage while conserving ammo at the same time. See what changes it will undergo.

Special Offer: Discounts on Clan Creation and Editing Extended important

To celebrate our Strongholds game mode and version 9.2, we’re cutting prices on clan creation and clan-tag editing.

Special: Fury Movie Rolls Out in Europe! important

Fury hits movie theatres across Europe! The time has come for Fury to hit the battlefields as well!