Removal of Premium Tanks From Shop important

Update 9.8 will see four Premium Tanks fall out of the parade for the last time.

Weekend Special important

Check out which discounts and bonuses will be available to you during the upcoming weekend!

Update 9.8: Dynamic Platoons important

Read now to learn about one of the new features brought into the game with the upcoming patch!

Premium Shop: French Cavalry important

Check out this week’s offer in the Premium Shop!

Mission for May 2015 important

HQ has just issued a special mission for this month – get ready!

Premium Shop: Offers for May 2015 important

Check out which special offers will be available for the whole month!

Fan Cup III: Nine is Not Eight!

A new Fan Cup is up – time to get involved!

New Battle Performance Badges for Update 9.8

New ways to measure your battle performance will be debuted in the next update.

Premium Shop: May Mobile Bundle for Hungarian Players important

Check out the new special package available exclusively for mobile payments!

Pick Your Game Client – SD and HD (beta) important

With Update 9.8, players will have the ability to download either an HD or SD