WGL Gold Series Season 5 - The Story So Far

As the teams batten down their hatches, cover their engine bays and set up camp for the cold festive period, we take a look back at what the season has offered us so far.

WZ-111: The Tank History Forgot

Designed in the image of Soviet heavy machinery, this Chinese project was never completed. Read now to learn more about one of the history’s forgotten tanks.

WG Social Mod - share victories on your social networks!

A great mod for World of Tanks that lets you share your results with your friends!

Christmas During World War II

The holidays were very different during war time! Take a look at our festive historical facts.

Winter Festivities – Contests, Community Events and More! important

Check out what we’ve got in store for this winter’s epic celebrations!

New Year Gift 2015 important

Log in to the game and unwrap your new year’s present!

Final Advent Calendar Offer important

The countdown is over – time to uncover the final offer!

Clan Spotlight: Third Campaign Third Stage Recap with Clan Interviews!

As the smoke clears from the Fall of the Empires, we take some time to speak to four different clans who participated in all three stages.

Update 9.5: New Premium Vehicle important

Read now to learn more about the new German Panther medium tank that will be added to the game with the latest update!

9.5 Community Contributor Spotlight

Update 9.5 is on our doorstep! Let’s take a look at some of the cool stuff our contributors highlighted in our latest update.