Think Tank: The Lineups

We take a closer look at the new setups being used in the WGL.

Advent Calendar 2014 important

December is a very special month, so make sure to log in each day to check the unique offers delivered to the Premium Shop every 24 hours!

E 25: Withdrawal from Sales important

The German tank destroyer will be withdrawn from the shops. Read now for more info.

End of the Year Specials important

2014 is coming to an end, so let us bid it farewell with the flare it deserves – get ready for some major celebrations!

WZ-111: A Mysterious Tank from the East

Curious about the grand prize of the special mission marathon? Read now to learn more about this magnificent machine!

Last Match Before Christmas important

The holiday period is approaching and only one day of matches is left before the break.

Winter Festivities – Contests, Community Events and More! important

Check out what we’ve got in store for this winter’s epic celebrations!

Creative Contest: Create Your Winter Tech Tree important

Use your artistic prowess to spread the joy of the holiday season and have a chance of winning great prizes!

Coming Up: Gold Series Day Nine

Prepare for the latest Gold Series clashes!

Third Public Test of Version 9.5 important

The third public test server of Version 9.5 is now open.