Weekly Mission: Earn Your Gold important

We’ve got a nice treat to sweeten up your October! Interested in getting some free gold?

Easy 8, 7/54 Season 8 Registration

Ready for some 7/54 competitive play? Gold rewards await!

Chain Special: First Link important

A new chain special is about to commence! Take the first step this weekend and enjoy some nice discounts and bonuses!

Clan Wars: Operation Safari important

A new event in Clan Wars is upon us! Who will be the hunter and who the hunted in this solid-steel safari?

Premium Shop: Wrecking Ball important

Check out this week’s offers in the Premium Shop!

Event: Free XP to Crew XP

Use your excess Free XP to boost your tankers’ skills!

Video: Upcoming Update – A Teaser important

Interested in what the immediate future holds for World of Tanks? Here’s a sneak peak!

Inside the tanks: The M5 Stuart & M24 Chaffee

We are starting a new batch of the Inside the Tanks series with a very special episode!

Virtually in a Tank Battle Re-enactment important

Virtually inside a tank? How about virtually in the middle of a tank battle! Read now to learn all about our latest project to push the boundaries of Virtual Reality!

Premium Shop: Offers for October 2015 important

Check out which special offers will be available for the whole month!