Premium Shop: Vault Raid important

Check out this week’s offers in the Premium Shop!

Version 9.8: Battles for Strongholds on Tier VIII

Significant changes are coming to battles for strongholds – read now to learn more!

Update 9.8: Released! important

Dynamic Platoons, a Domination event, Battle Performance Badges, HD/SD client split and further vehicles reworked for HD quality!

Pick Your Game Client – SD and HD (beta) important

With Update 9.8, players will have the ability to download either an HD or SD

Version 9.8: Map Changes

The new update will modify a couple of maps in the game – check out what will change.

Clan Portal: New Improvements

The clan portal has been upgraded to feature new data and additional statistics.

Easy 8 Cup – 7/54 edition important

Easy 8 is here once again but will it be as easy as pie? Only you can decide!

Introducing: The Master Cup Series

A new collaborative tournament with the ESL hits World of Tanks!

Play World of Tanks Generals Now! important

The next stage of Wargaming’s tactical card game is open to all!

Wargaming returns to Hungary with the MGT-20!

We enjoyed visiting Hungary in 2014 so much that we couldn’t help but return back again – this time with our MGT-20!