Japanese Heavy Tanks: Summary

Find out more about all the new Japanese tanks in this short but informative article.

9.10 Community Contributor Spotlight

Check out what our contributors have to say about the 9.10 update!

Chain Special: Earning Your Stripes

This month, every weekend will offer you the opportunity to move up in your tank career and reap great rewards at the same time!

New Event: Rampage important

A new exciting event is live - Read now for more information!

Wallpaper for September 2015

To celebrate the latest reinforcements to the Japanese Heavy Tank line, we are giving you this cool new wallpaper of the new Japanese Type 5 Heavy Tank.

Update 9.10: Released! important

Our new update will bring a branch of Japanese heavy tanks, the new Rampage event, additional vehicles reworked for HD quality, significant changes to Team Battles as well as map distribution by vehicle Tier, and much more…

Collector’s Gem of the Week: KV-5

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Premium Shop: Offers for September 2015 important

Check out the Premium Shop highlights that will be available throughout September!

Mission Marathon: WZ-111

Do you have what it takes to complete this special mission and reach for the grand prize?

Top of the Tree: Object 268 important

Top of the Tree is back in business! Start off your September with a solid blast from the Object 268’s dreadful gun!