Wargaming to attend Gameland, Belgium — September 12-14

Belgian fans of World of Tanks - Wargaming will be attending Gameland at Bobbejaanland, near Antwerp!

Special Missions: Prepare Your Stronghold! important

Build the greatest stronghold of all and enjoy great bonuses!

Wallpaper for September 2014: E 75

Want to tank up your desktop? Check out this awesome wallpaper!

Special: Back to School important

It is time to go back to normal duties, but make the transition a smooth one with these special discounts and missions during this week.

UPDATE: Twilight of the Gods begins 2 September, be ready! important

The time to awaken your inner power has come. Rise up and face challenges worthy of the almighty!

Top of the Tree: 121 important

Check out the newest edition of the special! This time, it’s the hard-hitting Chinese medium tanks.

Schoolbus, the WGL EU S4 champion! important

After two days of fearless battles, the victors have emerged from the abyss, earning amazing prizes and fame!

Missions for September 2014 – Special Edition

Are you ready for some special tasks? These will be difficult, but the rewards are grand!

WGL EU Season Four Finals – Day Two

The first day is over. The second day participants are warming up their engines!

WGLEU Season 4 Finals Day One

The first day of the finals is today! Enjoy the mayhem as four teams fight for participation in tomorrow’s games!