The Grand Finals – The Showdown important

We’re proud to present you the guide to the very best event experience possible!

The Grand Finals – Stay Tuned important

Stay up to date with what’s happening in Warsaw!

Team Battles Review important

Dive into the new, improved Team Battle system and rise to the top of the Ladder!

Predict Results and Hunt for In-Game Codes with Razer!

In anticipation of the League Grand Finals, Razer are offering you the chance to predict results and win prizes and codes!

Premium Shop: Three In One important

Check out this week’s offer in the Premium Shop!

Special: Grand Finals Are On! important League Grand Finals are kicking off this weekend! Cheer for your favourite teams and enjoy a dedicated special to spice up your battles in breaks between the matches!

TopGaming is introducing special tournaments to honour The Grand Finals

The Grand Finals are near, our partner TopGaming is inviting you to take part in a special set of tournaments.

Tank Academy: Peek-A-Boo and Hull Down

A new Tank Academy course is available! Learn how to hide your hull, play with your turret and surprise the enemy with swift jabs from cover!

Version 9.7: New French Vehicles – An Overview important

The French tech tree will be supplemented with a number of new exciting vehicles. Read now to learn more about them!