WGL EU Season Four Finals – Day Two

The first day is over. The second day participants are warming up their engines!

WGLEU Season 4 Finals Day One

The first day of the finals is today! Enjoy the mayhem as four teams fight for participation in tomorrow’s games!

Introducing Italeri World of Tanks Model Kits

Take a look at our collaboration with ace model kit manufacturer Italeri featuring great tanks and bonus codes!

Premium Shop: Lead Dealer important

Check out the highlights of this week’s Premium Shop offers!

Special: Seven Chi-Nu Kai important

Can you fight like a true warrior? Show off your fighting resolve this weekend and roll out for a Japanese-themed special!

WGL EU Finals: MVP Award Powered by Razer

Join the voting and win top of the line Razer gaming gear!

Wargaming on Tour: the MGT-20 Rolls Out!

Take a look at the upcoming events that our community team will be rolling into!

Video: Tanks on the Go

Would you like to shoot tanks anywhere at any time? Check out this video for World of Tanks Blitz!

Teaser - Clan Wars: The Front Lines important

Bring your clan into the spotlight as we feature your best moments in the first episode of our new video series exclusively for EU clans!