Ranked Battles: Play Your Role Right

Do you want to reach the top of the leaderboard, commanders?

Here's your chance to do so, with the most powerful weapon there is: knowledge. Just check these best practices on Tank Roles and Role Experience and you'll be sure to improve your Ranked Battles score.

What's Role Experience?

But first, a small reminder: Role Experience has been introduced to Ranked Battles to refine the way you play with your favourite vehicles. Of course, it doesn't go against the basics - if you like heavy tanks, you still have to bounce some shells, for example - but it allows you to shine brighter on each battlefield.

In short, Role Experience is earned after every battle, according to your performance (damage, destroy enemies, help friends) and your conduct on the battlefield. If we take the heavy tank example back, bouncing shells will provide extra XP, for instance. But of course, Role Experience is acquired differently from one class to another. Moreover, since no vehicle is exactly like the next one, we introduced seven main vehicle roles in battle:

Check them all below and learn how to get as much Role XP as possible.

  • Defender
  • Breakthrough Tank
  • Heavy Destroyer 
  • High-calibre Support
  • Fire Cover
  • Light Attack Vehicle
  • Sniper
  • Tracked Scout
  • Wheeled Scout
  • Artillery

A good defender should simply hold its enemies at bay. Here, you'll get additional Role XP by blocking damage and dealing damage from less than 300 metres away

Example: with its thick turret armour and strong hull, the 60TP can be an impenetrable fortress when properly placed - find the spot, and fire back.

Breakthrough Tank

Aboard such vehicles, you have to push your way into enemy territory. You will be rewarded for blocking still, but also for dealing damage within 300 metres

Example: reach the front pretty fast with the 113, only expose your front, and fire back at your enemies as much as you can!

Heavy Destroyer 

Also applicable to autoloading heavy tanks, this role focuses on dealing damage in your view range (upon your own spotting) and blocking damage

Example: with a nicely slopped and terribly strong armour, the Jagdpanzer E 100 can take and hold good positions while firing back with the punch of a death star!

High-calibre Support

This role is destined to tank destroyers with powerful guns and/or HESH shells that will be rewarded by purely dealing damage. The closer you are to your target, the more XP you receive.

Example: use the brilliant gun depression of the FV4005 Stage II to remain close to your enemies without drawing too much danger and let your amazing gun do the rest.

Fire Cover

A role for lightly armoured medium tanks that still pack mobility and a reliable gun. Get rewarded for the first spotting of enemies and dealing damage in your view range after you spot them. 

Example: powered by an amazing all-around mobility, the Bat.-Chatillon 25 t can spot fairly easily before unloading its devastating clip!

Light Attack Vehicle

Here, use your strong frontal or overall armour to play closer to a heavy tank. Get more Role XP with dealing damage in your view range after your own spots, or by blocking shots

Example: with a tough turret armour and a good frontal hull one, the Object 140 can bounce shells while its gun fires back with dangerous accuracy.


On the contrary, this role focuses on long-range shots and will reward ambushed tank destroyers which deal damage from medium and long-range distances

Example: firing high-velocity shells from a powerful gun, the Strv 103B is perfect for those long-range shots. Plus, it will have a greater chance at dealing damage from afar thanks to its signal range.

Tracked Scout

A role for all classic light tanks that will be rewarded with more Role XP for first spotting enemies, dealing damage to those (in your view range & upon own spotting) and assisting damage while remaining unspotted

Example: remain undetected with the T-100 LT and its amazing camouflage abilities - support thoughtfully and you'll be fine!

Wheeled Scout

For all wheeled light tanks, the conditions are slightly different. You still have to first spot and deal damage in your view range (upon your own view range) but you will get rewarded for assisting, even if you get spotted

Example: use your boost to spot as many tanks as possible in the first minutes, then assist your team by circling around with the Panhard EBR 105.


There's only one role for the SPGs out there, but you better play it right. Assist allied damage by stunning, deal damage to enemy SPGs and stun two or more enemies to win more Role XP! 

Example: with the largest splash damage in the game and amazing stun capabilities, the T92 HMC can deal with enemies fighting in packs like no other SPG.

That's it for today, commanders. We hope these examples will help you reach new divisions and ranks! Oh, and remember to check our complete guide on Ranked Battles for more details on this brilliant mode.



Roll Out!

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