Onslaught Soundtrack: Songs to Help You Climb the Ranks


The powerful Onslaught soundtrack will put you in the right mood to tackle even the hardest tasks. Whether you need a motivational tune to reach the Legend Rank, heavy beats to push you through a workout, or some background ambiance for your daily chores, we've got you covered!

This soundtrack was specifically composed for the new World of Tanks competitive game mode, and it's sure to push every commander to their full potential.

Check out the announcement and the game mode guide to learn all about the Onslaught mode. It is a unique new experience with a rank-based matchmaking system, special vehicle abilities, great rewards, and more.

Andrius Klimka feat. Yann Zhanchak - Onslaught : Andrius Klimka feat. Yann Zhanchak - Onslaught (1)

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Climb the ranks and earn epic rewards.

Roll Out!

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