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New Clan Wars Campaign – Third Stage Revealed

Commanders and Clan-mates! 

The end of the second stage of the ongoing Clan Wars Campaign is closing in. Therefore, we would like to give our players a heads-up about the forthcoming third stage, called ‘Revolution Epoch’. This will be launched tomorrow, on July 2nd.  Check out the details below!

Third Stage: ‘Revolution Epoch’ 2nd–11th of July

During this stage, you can expect to see some changes in how Victory Points (VP) are awarded, as well as further vehicle tier adjustments.

  1. The new tier restrictions for participating vehicles will be as follows:
    1. 2nd – 5th of July: Vehicles will be restricted to Tier IX
    2. 6th – 11th of July: Vehicles will be restricted to Tier X
  2. VP will be credited each turn during Stage III.
  3. VP for owning provinces will be credited at the beginning of the Stage.


Stage III VP crediting rules:

  • If a clan owns provinces at the beginning of the third stage, they will be credited 6000 VP for each province in their possession.
  • VP for conquering/losing provinces will be awarded/deducted on a turn-to-turn basis.
  • Conquering a province will award the clan with 6000 VP.
  • Losing a province will reduce the clan’s VP by 6000.
  • If a clan owns a province connected to their HQ at the end of the stage, they will be awarded 6000 VP multiplied by the number of days the province has been in their possession
    • This rule of crediting is valid for each province connected to the clan’s HQ.
    • Ownership days will be counted only from the beginning of the stage.
  • All clans which have owned a province during the stage at least once will be awarded 1000 VP at the end of the stage.

List of rewards for ‘Revolution Epoch’ stage:

Artwork Medal Awarded for
With Fire and Sword Pacifying the largest number of riots during Stage III
Iron Fist Receiving the largest amount of VP during Stage III


Roll out for victory, Commanders!