Monthly Rundown: January Specials for the New Year

Happy New Year, Commanders!

We hope you enjoyed the holidays and had a relaxed start to 2021. Let’s put the past year behind us and look forward to an exciting new year filled with great events, as well as old and new specials. Take a sneak peek at things to come in January and get ready to take on 2021 in full force.

January Specials and Events

  • x4 Experience for the First Win!
  • x2 Experience!
  • Top of the Tree
  • Global Map: Renaissance
  • Cooling Down
  • XP Fever
  • On the Offensive
  • The Return of Team Clash
x4 Experience for the First Win!

January 2 through January 5: Let’s start the new year with something sweet and simple. Every first win of the day will reward you with four times the XP.


Win and Earn

x2 Experience!

January 9 through January 12: More XP? More XP! Earn double XP all weekend long for every win.


x2 XP = x2 Fun

Top of the Tree

January 5 through February 5: The first top-tier tank to welcome the new year is the Japanese X STB-1 . This versatile medium tank sits at the end of a line of unique fighting machines from the Far East! Use great discounts and missions to claim one of the highest DPM values in the game and a special hydropneumatic system for improved gun angles.

January 20 through February 20: Not far behind, thanks to its nice mobility, and with just as much enthusiasm for the new year, follows the X AMX 13 105 . This French top tier light tank leads a parade of lightly -armored autoloaders. Use the special to support your team and jump into action when needed.

Global Map: Renaissance

January 11 through January 25: Get ready for a new Global Map event called "Renaissance". The fight for world domination is a fantastic opportunity for clans to showcase their superior battle tactics and skills. It will also be filled with worthy spoils of war, including the Carro da Combattimento 45 t, a brand-new Tier X Italian medium tank with a four-round autoreloader.

Cooling Down

January 16 through January 19: The heated Holiday Ops and festive Tankmas events are over. Time to take down the lights and take a breather with a new special. Complete all four stages for great rewards.


Personal Reserves

XP Fever

January 23 through January 26: Time for things to heat up again! Our classic XP special is back with heaps of experience.


A True XP Frenzy

On the Offensive

January 30 through February 2: Enough relaxing and resting, Commanders! Time to get back into battle and face enemies head-on! Take your crew into battle and reward them with nice XP boosts!


Extra XP for Your Crew

The Return of Team Clash

End of January: Get ready for the return of the ultimate fight between some of the most popular World of Tanks content creators. Choose your team and fight alongside one of eight well-known personalities for glory, honor, and of course, rewards! Keep an eye on the portal for more details coming very soon.

Ongoing Missions and Rewards

  • Holiday Ops 2021
  • Referral Program 2.0: Season 6
  • Daily Tournaments
  • Your Well-Deserved Reward 2020
Holiday Ops 2021

December 9 through January 11: Our festive holiday activities are still going on. Chuck continues to give out challenges and the Large Holiday Ops Boxes are waiting for you in the Premium Shop! Don’t miss your last chance to collect decorations, complete missions for Small Boxes, and raise your Festive Atmosphere to its highest tier for fantastic rewards and additional Holiday Ops Vehicle Slots. Create your own vehicle branch with great bonuses. The effects have been extended until almost the end of January.


Referral Program 2.0: Season 6

From December 26: Use the new Season of our Referral Program to invite new players to your favorite tank game. Show your recruit the ins and outs of World of Tanks, share clever tank battle tactics, and teach them your best maneuvers! You will not only gain a valuable new member of your team, but you can both earn great rewards, including a free Premium vehicle.


Daily Tournaments

January 1 through January 31: Gather your team, sign up for daily tournaments, and prove yourselves as true tank commanders. Almost every day offers new opportunities to put your strategies to the ultimate test and earn great rewards! Don’t miss out!


Your Well-Deserved Reward 2020

November 26, 2020 through November 2021: Thank you for being a part of the World of Tanks community! Whether you recently joined or have been around for years, we are happy to have you. As a token of our sincere appreciation and gratitude, we are sending everyone a Well-Deserved Reward depending on the year of registration in the game. Log in to the game to secure your reward.


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