Frontline: Meet the Rental Tanks


Now that Frontline has begun, it's a great idea to unlock new Tier VIII tanks before charging into battle. To help you in that quest, we designed a system allowing you to rent tanks for credits or gold. Each episode will have three tanks to chose from:

  • The T-44 will be available throughout all episodes and will not be replaced by any other vehicle
  • The two other vehicles will be replicas of existing Premium tanks.

You can rent them for a specific amount of time – from one episode to the entire 2019 season. Check the Frontline regulations for more details. Here are the first lucky three: the T-44, the T34, and the Panzer 58 Mutz. If you want to add them to your deck of Frontline vehicles, here's what you should know:

  • T-44
  • T34
  • Panzer 58 Mutz



This Tier VIII medium tank is known for its mobility, good camouflage, and decent armour. A pretty versatile mix that you can customise with two guns, each with a different play style.

The 100 mm LB-1 is well-balanced overall and the right choice if you like the usual medium tank gameplay.

The 122 mm D-25-44, on the contrary, is more specialized. It packs a much stronger punch but lacks reliability. 

Recommended equipment: A Tank Gun Rammer and a Vertical Stabiliser will help both guns. But if you go with the 122 mm, choose an Enhanced Gun Laying Drive over Improved Ventilation as third equipment.

Recommended skills: Sixth Sense and Repair are a must, and Safe Storage is crucial as well due to the fragile ammo rack.



Not to be confused with the famous Soviet medium tank, this T34 is an American Tier VIII heavy tank. And just like most vehicles of this line, it relies on its thick turret and great gun depression angle to protect itself. But the main attraction of this tank remains its gun!

The 120mm gun deals a lot of damage and its penetration power is a force to be reckoned with. 

Recommended equipment: Add a Tank Gun Rammer, a Vertical Stabiliser, and an Enhanced Gun Laying Drive to you counter all the weaknesses of this boomstick.

Recommended skills: With six men aboard, you have a large choice of crew skills and perks. We recommend going for Sixth Sense, Repair and Brothers in Arms!

Panzer 58 Mutz


This Panzer from Switzerland combines German and American qualities when it comes to gameplay. Its main strengths lie in its good mobility and the bouncy, small turret. 

Its 90mm gun has great penetration power, which allows you to damage any enemy you'll face easily. Don't forget to use the outstanding gun depression of your turret.

Recommended equipment: A Tank Gun Rammer, a Vertical Stabiliser, and Improved Ventilation, although you can trade the latter with Coated Optics to improve the spotting capabilities of the Mutz.

Recommended skills: Sixth sense and Repair comes first, then other skills such as Smooth Ride and Snap Shot, and with Brothers in Arms as the finishing touch.

All rental vehicles are exclusively available for the Frontline Mode, it’s impossible to enter Random Battles or any other mode with these tanks.


Roll out!