Best Vehicles for the Frontline Mode


Frontline is coming back. To go with the epic return of our popular game mode, we thought of a little something. Here is a list of the best vehicles to use in your upcoming battles, whether you're playing offensively or defensively.

All categories are separated by the strengths and weaknesses stated in their tab. We chose a representative vehicle for each of them, plus alternative vehicles with a similar play style.

  • Autoloaders
  • Bulky and Punchy TDs
  • Hull Down DPM Tanks
  • Punchy Heavy Tanks
  • Self-Propelled Guns
  • Snipers
  • Spot & Support
  • Super-Heavy Tanks
  • Versatile Machines

AMX 50 100

  • Takes out enemies quickly with its burst damage
  • Requires perfect timing for the best effect
  • Usually can’t take much damage in return
  • When attacking: Take out the most dangerous opponent to help your teammates advance or capture the base
  • When defending: Focus the vehicle with the most capture points to give your team time to breathe


Bulky and Punchy TDs


  • High damage per shot, fear factor for any enemy
  • Good armour, trading shots will work pretty well
  • Best used to attack, not recommended for defence because they are prone to flanking


Hull Down DPM Tanks


  • Perfect to defend bases and bully enemies with their high rate of fire
  • Their tough turret allows them to take superior positions, where they can’t easily be damaged
  • Rather slow, incapable of taking different approaches - fairly static
  • Best used for defence, as in attack you would have to reveal your weak spots


Punchy Heavy Tanks


  • Take on enemy vehicles with their great armour and firepower
  • Fairly mobile, capable of helping out where they’re needed
  • Plan ahead as they don’t have the means to turn the tables quickly enough
  • Can be used for both defending and attacking, but make sure to avoid open areas


Self-Propelled Guns


  • Effective against large groups
  • Stuns vehicles, allowing your team to get the edge
  • When attacking, focus on vehicles that keep your teammates from advancing
  • When defending, protect the base from enemies who want to capture it



Rhm.-Borsig Waffenträger

  • High firepower, great accuracy allow hitting enemies from any distance
  • Amazing camouflage value, difficult to spot even when firing
  • Very static gameplay; requires high map knowledge for the best positions
  • When defending: Make sure you have spotters, or the respective Combat Reserves
  • Attacking is also possible by supporting your heavy tanks' efforts from long-distance


Spot & Support


  • Spot vehicles to earn assist damage
  • Pressure the enemy by capturing the base
  • Take shots here and there – you have a gun for a reason
  • Very situational; performs best in open areas


Super-Heavy Tanks

VK 100.01 (P)

  • Big, meaty, targets, can take a lot of punishment before going down
  • Able to push the enemy defences with their powerful guns
  • Because of their low mobility, they can only move forward (inept for defending)
  • Use only to attack, they are the best choice for capturing bases


Versatile Machines


  • Pure support vehicles, can take different roles depending on the situation
  • Fairly dependent on other teammates to unleash their potential
  • Flank the enemy and be as annoying as possible


So which of those vehicles will you go for? Don't forget that all Tier VIII standard vehicles are 15% off until 11 February at 06:00 CET (UTC+1). Then, once you have assembled your arsenal, get ready for a fun week in Frontline Mode!


Roll out!