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Twilight of The Gods: Clan Interviews

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Clan Warriors,

The battle for Asgard is over and the realm has been defended against the evil machinations of the Dark Gods. This would not be possible if it were not for three extraordinary clans, who were courageous enough to face the forces of darkness in the field and push them back into the abyss from whence they came. Today two of these Clans,[OM] Odem Mortis and [RSOP] Rynnäkkösopulit, are sharing their outlook on the recent events in Clan Wars.


First of all, congratulations for your performance and victory in the final game. What did you think about the Twilight of the Gods event and the final day of Ragnarok?

[OM] Odem Mortis: Thank you very much. As always, Clan Wars events are pretty enjoyable because it’s something special and you can compete directly with other clans. On the other hand, it was stressful for all the members, especially for our field commanders because everybody wanted those tanks. The idea and theme of the event were really cool as well. Such events are always great for all clans who are thinking about really getting into Clan Wars, to get to know the system, meet other clans and gain experience. The final game against you guys was pretty cool; we enjoyed the idea of cap rushing Maus tanks.

[RSOP] Rynnäkkösopulit: Thank you! The event was great in our opinion - refreshing compared to previous campaigns. A little bit short maybe, so the RNG had a much bigger impact than in the previous campaigns. We were kind of lucky to get so many gates near our provinces.


Did you enjoy playing against Dark Gods and Wargaming employees?

[OM]: We really enjoyed the match against the Dark Gods. Before the match we had some training battles against different Tier X setups. The most powerful ones had a lot of T57 and FV215b (183) tanks in them. So we were hoping to get an easier matchup. The eight Maus were easier to fight against, but nevertheless it was a lot of fun and a challenge to have such an unorthodox setup.

[RSOP]: I personally didn't get the chance to play against the Dark Gods because I haven't been at home for a while. Anyway, I heard the battle was tight and the lemmings enjoyed playing against Wargaming staff - as always.


What did you think about the rules of Twilight of the Gods? Which points could be improved and what are your suggestions?

[OM]: This time most of the rules were clear. But some rules were not. For example: if you lose your HQ and have tokens on Asgard you can’t put your HQ on the map again. Therefore the matches for our HQ province became the most important battles in the evening. We mentioned earlier that we were under a lot of stress. Clans with a lot of active players have this problem, everybody wants the tank but not everybody can play. With the limited amount of tanks given out, the problem increased. This works against the concept of World of Tanks being a team based game. We would hope for a better solution next time, maybe based on the ranking of the whole clan.

[RSOP]: The rules were good in my opinion, but the campaign could have been a little bit longer. As I said, luck played big role here because campaign was short and gates spawned randomly.


How did you prepare for this event? Did you do something special?

[OM]: We played a lot of skirmish battles and tested some different tactics on the landing maps for the first day. We adopted and modified our Tier X tactics to Tier VIII. We also talked to some allies where they want to land so we do not interfere with each other in the first couple of days. Before the last battle we played some trainings Tier VIII against Tier X.

[RSOP]: We didn’t do anything special. We played a lot of stronghold battles with Tier VIII tanks, recruited some new lemmings and drank beer. Oh yeah, we also went to paint ISU-152 in the Parola tank museum.


Do you have anything else you want to add?

[OM]: We want to thank every clan who fought against us. We had a lot of fun and we hope that next time more clans join the fun!

[RSOP]: Lemming clans (RSOP, PSOP, TSOP and VSOP) are all still recruiting Finnish players. Go check our recruitment topic for more info.   There's also a picture of us in the Parola tank museum.


Important: If you’d like to see the battles against the Dark Gods, make sure to check out the awesome Odem Mortis’s montage clip of their struggle.


Keep your eyes open for more Clan Wars events coming soon!