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Clan's victory points earned during an event on the Global Map.

Clan rating by victory points during an event on the Global Map


[OM] Odem Mortis

Freude am Siegen

Created: ---

The Original!

german speaking part of Odem Mortis Community

Livestreams on Twitch
Odem Mortis is powered by Razer (support Odem Mortis)
OMC Modpack by Grumpelumpf

1st Campaign: M60 - check!
2nd Campaign: 85 x VK72.01 - check!
1st Clanwar Event World on Fire: 53 x T23E3 - check!

Bewerber klick hier

For diplomacy on World Domination Map contact Piranha2k09
just join our Teamspeak: pw: OMC

Military Personnel (98) Data as of

# User Name Position Joined