Achievement Rating

Achievement Rating reflects your overall performance in World of Tanks.

For easier browsing, Achievement Rating breaks down into the following sections:


The AMONG FRIENDS and AMONG CLAN MEMBERS sections are visible only if you met the section criteria, i.e. have at least one user in your contacts and joined a clan.

To view a complete rating chart, click the category title. Your actual position within each category is highlighted in green.

1  Search Field  Type in any player or clan name to bring up their rating results.
2  Social Filter View the results of your friends, clanmates, or all players.
3  Time Filter Select from available rating periods: yesterday, a specific month, or all time.
4  Battle Tier Filter Select one of the battle groups according to the tier: I–IV, V–VII, VIII–X, or all tiers.
5  Battle Count Filter  Select the required number of battles fought. 
6  Category Panel  Click a category title to view the rating chart in this category.
7  Player Panel Click to view detailed information.
8  Dynamics Index Displays the change to a player’s position over the previous day.

The ratings are updated each night. The rating chart displays player results from the previous day. All data from today is included in the ratings tomorrow.

Dynamics Index

The Dynamics Index shows the change to a player’s position over the previous day:

  green — a rise in the rating

  red — a drop in the rating

The index displays the number of positions a player has moved up or down in the rating chart, and it is updated daily with the new ratings.

Personal WTR

The main category of Achievement Rating is WTR—your personal World of Tanks Rating. The Personal World of Tanks Rating is a scale created to evaluate your overall performance.

The formula for calculating your Personal WTR is as follows:



WTRP — player’s personal WTR value

V — specific vehicle

Σ — summation

WTRV — WTR value of this vehicle

BattlesV — number of Random Battles fought on this vehicle 

TierV — tier coefficient for this vehicle

Statistics show that it takes considerably more effort to attain a good rating on a top-tier vehicle. Because of this, some seasoned players choose entry level machines and increase their rating by battling less skilled peers. This coefficient rises according to a vehicle tier, and all players receive an equal opportunity to improve their rating by using vehicles of various tiers.

RoleV — role coefficient for this vehicle

This coefficient is meant to acknowledge vehicles used according to their role and contribution to the battle outcome.

bonus_coef — best vehicle performance coefficient

The performance coefficient is designed to single out players who show a great performance in several vehicles by increasing their rating value.

Thereby, to calculate personal WTR, we multiply the individual vehicle rating by the number of battles fought on this vehicle and the coefficients described above (Tier and Role). The same calculations are done for every vehicle owned by the player. The results are summed up, divided by the total number of battles fought on this account, and finally multiplied by the best vehicle performance coefficient.