Commanders! See the year off with our most dazzling event, running from December 1, 2022, at 07:00 CET through January 9, 2023, at 07:00 CET (UTC+1)! During Holiday Ops 2023, your Garages will turn into snowy Villages, where you'll find a pleasant gift from us, as well as many new objects and other wonderful surprises. And, most importantly, it's where you'll meet two incredible heroes—Arnold Schwarzenegger and Milla Jovovich—who will head up our festive party! They’ve prepared the perfect holiday bash and are waiting for you!
In addition to all the gifts and festive miracles, don't forget that, starting November 30, you can also receive your new Well-Deserved Reward for 2022!

Holiday Ops 2023: In Brief or in Detail?

When you first enter your Garage on December 1, you will find yourself in a festive Village filled with fairy lights and magic. Improve Festive Atmosphere Levels and complete Guests’ Assignments to make it even brighter and merrier, and earn more and more rewards along the way! Scroll down to find out what new delights the holidays will bring this year!
But maybe you want to know absolutely everything about this event down to the smallest detail! If that's the case, check out our comprehensive guide below. Out there or in here—it's up to you!

Holiday Ops Resources

Holiday Ops 2023 features a special event currency called resources. There are four types of resources in the event: Rock Crystal, Pure Emerald, Warm Amber, and Meteoric Iron.

You can obtain Holiday Ops resources in the following ways:

  • Collect them manually from your Village up to twice a day
  • As rewards for completing Daily Missions
  • In your Best Friends' Villages
  • When petting your dog friend Chaffee
  • As a bonus from Large Boxes

Upgrade decorative objects in your Village from Level 1 up to 5 by collecting and investing Rock Crystal and Pure Emerald. Use the other two resources—Warm Amber and Meteoric Iron—to complete Guests’ Assignments.


Best Friends’ Villages

During Holiday Ops 2023, you can visit the Villages of all your friends in the game to see how cool and decorative they are! Moreover, from the very start of the event, you can assign the status of "Best Friend" to up to two players on your friends list. Once you've done that, you can visit their Villages and collect some extra resources once a day.

Every time you collect resources in your Best Friend's Village, you add one point to a special counter. After earning a certain number of points, you will have the opportunity to get unique friendship-themed customization items, including a set of six cool inscriptions (6 points required), a set of six stunning decals (12 points required), and an amazing 2D style with unique Marks of Excellence (24 points required).


Challenge and Guests’ Assignments

Our guests of honor will provide you with Assignments, which are special quests that can be completed by spending a certain amount of Warm Amber and Meteoric Iron.

There are 10 Assignments from each celebrity (20 in total). Upon completing a certain number of these quests, you will receive exclusive decals and 2D styles with unique Marks of Excellence from our guests. On top of that, each completed Assignment increases the bonus to credits and to all types of XP—Free, Combat, and Crew—you earn in Random Battles.

Along with Assignments, Holiday Ops 2023 features special combat missions in your favorite challenge format. Get ready to take on 28 Missions From Milla—all in Random Battles! Upon completing a certain number of missions, you will receive awesome rewards, including the following cool Milla-inspired customizations that she has personally approved:

  • An incredible 2D style with unique Marks of Excellence
  • Stunning decal and inscriptions
  • Milla Jovovich herself as a tank commander with an exclusive voiceover

Gift Terminal

The festive season is the perfect time for receiving presents! During Holiday Ops, you can get them in the Gift Terminal directly in your Village using special Tokens.

For each Token spent, you will get one surprise gift. You might receive consumables, Personal Reserves, and other loot. But in some special cases, you might even get the Object 283, a brand-new Tier IX Special Soviet medium tank—either as a rental for several Random Battles or as a permanent addition to your collection!

You can get Tokens for upgrading your Festive Atmosphere Levels, as rewards for completing Missions From Milla, or by purchasing them with Holiday Ops resources (after certain conditions are met).


Large Boxes: What’s Inside?

You can never have too many holiday presents! From December 1, 2022, at 07:00 CET through January 9, 2023, at 07:00 CET (UTC+1), Large Boxes from four festive settings will be up for grabs! Don’t forget that you can buy them yourselves and treat your friends if you're feeling generous!

As always, Large Boxes are full to the brim with wonderful goodies. Each Box guarantees 250 gold. As a bonus to each Large Box, you will get 150 random Holiday Ops resources, as well as 50 specific resource, depending on the Box’s type. Plus, Large Boxes have a chance of dropping the following:

  • Even more gold, credits, and days of WoT Premium Account
  • A formidable Tier VIII or IX Premium tank
  • A Tier II–V vehicle
  • A spectacular 3D style for a Tier IX or X vehicle
  • A unique, festive character who gives Assignments for even more rewards

Enjoy Your Well-Deserved Reward for 2022!

Let’s celebrate another year together, fellow Commanders! To express our appreciation for your support and passion, each and every one of you will receive a gift from us, available from November 30. Depending on your years of service, your reward may contain a set of legendary vehicles; an amazing 2D style; a Personal Training Manual; special badges, emblems, and decals; and other cool stuff!
Along with a host of valuable gifts, you will receive special Tokens. Use them to redeem any extra items you want in a special section of the in-game Store, including rare 3D styles, pieces of improved equipment, a universal crew member with a zero perk, and more!
Thank you for your service, Commanders!

Arcade Cabinet Returns!

But wait—there's even more! Arcade Cabinet, our experimental platform, will return to World of Tanks in late December with a new round of winter joys and weekend battles with unusual rules. Get ready to experience something extraordinary… Something that you’ve never seen before! Stay tuned, and let the winter spirit entertain you!
Update 1.19

Premium Account

Players with Premium Account will be credited an additional 24 hours of WoT Premium Account time to make up for the update maintenance period. If you’d like to make any in-game purchases, please wait until the servers are running again.

Update 1.19


World of Tanks servers will be down on 30 November from 1:30 to 8:30 CET (UTC+1).

Join our festive bash, Commanders!
Check out the dedicated article for additional information on the Holiday Ops 2023 event!