Anniversary Contests and Prizes Carousel

This is a great day for all of us, and we wanted to engage the European community that supported us during all this year by offering special, contests with prizes, as well as recognising some of the things that the community did during this past year. So here we go!

  • Some members of the European community have created great guides to play World of Tanks. We have selected the ones we think are the best, and have regrouped them in our Featured guides page
  • Also we are announcing our Prizes Carousel contests, with prizes that include Alienware laptops, Ipad 3, Headsets, Mice, and World of Tanks canvas. You can participate in any of the following contests, or all of them, for a chance to win one of these great prizes and showcase your creativity to all the community. The Wargaming Europe team will approve the submissions into the competition, and after the end of the submission period, we at Wargaming Europe will vote for the bests approved submissions in each category. 
    So read along, and send us your submissions!! 
    • Closed! Video-Story contest : Using replays from World of Tanks games, and adding voice over, send us a video story that will make us laugh, cheer, cry, despair or ponder about the world. 
    • Closed! Stop Motion Contest: Using frame by frame animations create your short video featuring a tank. It can be funny, exciting, odd, entertaining, thought provoking or simply amazing.
    • Closed! Build a Tank Model: Build a model of a tank vehicle with the material you have an access to. It can be your favourite tank, or a totally fantastic tank, or anything in between. Document your building process, and we will evaluate originality, effort and results.

Thank you for playing the game, and we trust that our community will continue to amaze us. In the next months, our community managers will organize events to meet you in the field, delivering cool in-games codes and establishing communication with our fans face to face where possible. Don’t miss the announcements in the following months, as well as the submissions and the list of winners in the upcoming weeks.

The European Community Team

Blanchard, Elixu, Moneo, Mr_Kubrick, Obirian, Oddball, Panzergert, rishyu, Supercharge, Tuccy.

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