Weekend Special: Heavy Steel

Let’s get this straight. If you want more experience and more credits, Heavies is the answer. The purpose behind this weekend’s offer is to help you in your way up to the top in heavy’s branches, regardless of the nation. We want you to fight against the big dogs, and give the beginners a break in lower tier battles. So this weekend refrain from entering tier II battles to show off and prove to equals what you are capable of with a heavy machine.

From Saturday March 9th 06:10 CET (05:10 GMT) until Tuesday March 12th 06:00 CET (05:00 GMT), the following bonuses will be available in game:


Medal Hunt: Steel Wall

If you receive an Steel Wall badge, by receiving and surviving to more hits (at least 11) with a potential damage of at least 1,000 HP than any other player on the entire battlefield, you’ll receive an additional 7,000 credits

This bonus will be automatically credited to your account when you receive the medal. 



x3 experience bonus for the first victory of the day with every vehicle.

That’s right, it’s a x3 experience weekend! Enjoy it, and don’t forget to take every tank out for a ride!


50% off in the following tier VII heavy tanks:
T29 (American)
  Black Prince (British)
  PzKpfw VI Tiger (German)
  PzKpfw VI Tiger (P) (German)
  AMX M4 (1945) (French)
  KV-3 (Soviet) 
  IS (Soviet)
  IS-2 (Chinese)


And also the premium tier V heavy tank: 
T14 (American) 


And 30% additional credit income on all of the vehicles listed above (except the premium T14)!

Profits, profits, profits. This combine to the triple experience… grind your way up to higher tiers!


50% Discount on crew (re)training

It’s never too late to start over. In a new tank, we mean.



Don’t miss it! The special will only last until Tuesday early morning.

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