Wargaming EU Community - Happy Holidays Video Reply!

Another great year behind us, a year full of changes, a year when World of Tanks went through enormous growth & development.  We know that without you, our players, we would not be able to make our game the best MMO of 2012!

No matter where we come from, we all have one big thing in common; our passion for World of Tanks! And that is what brings us together. With this ideal close to our hearts, we would like to thank you and wish you all happy holidays and a great 2013! 

Now it´s your turn! Find a camera or webcam and send us your love and best wishes in your own language! Grab as many friends and family as you can!


To make sure we spread the love, please follow the instructions below:

  • The holiday wishes have to be recorded in your native language!
  • Your YouTube video reply quality should be at least 360p!
  • In the description of your video, don’t forget to list the in-game names of the people that are in your video!
  • You have two weeks to submit your entry (Starting today December 7th, closing December 23rd)
  • You are free to use any material related to the holidays and don’t forget to say or include something mentioning Wargaming or World of Tanks
  • Your video can´t be shorter than 3 seconds and longer than 15 seconds
  • Important part! Your reply has to be uploaded on YouTube as a “video response” to our Holiday Video (please, follow the instructions here). Any video that is not be linked to ours won´t count!
  • After you are done uploading your video, scroll down on this page and click on “Discuss on the Forum”. Post the link to your YouTube video on the thread J
  • We will be sharing some of the videos on our World of Tanks Facebook page! Leave your comments and love ^^.

By uploading your video, you agree that the material uploaded might get used and published by Wargaming.net in a promotional video. Also remember to respect the rules of our EULA and TOS. We might choose the best entries and compile it into one video!


Enjoy the last days of the year 2012 and let´s roll out to 2013!