Bonus code to celebrate the end of WWII [UPDATE]

[UPDATE] The celebration continues. In order to give you all a little more time to claim your gifts, we’ve extended the expiry date of the “End of WWII” bonus code. You’ll now be able to use your code until May 17th at 01:59 CEST (May 16th 23:59 GMT).

Tank commanders,

Today is May 8th - the day that marked the end of World War II in Europe - and so we want you all to feel glorious for the occasion. This is why we're giving away one free day of premium play which will give you access to all premium account features:

  • 50% more experience per battle
  • 50% more crew experience per battle
  • 50% more credits earned in a battle
  • Opportunity to create a platoon of 3
  • Opportunity to create a tank company

But that's not all! Apart from the free premium day we have also thrown in a bag of goodies to sweeten your day. Here's what you'll receive as well upon activating your bonus code:

  • 5 x Extra Combat Rations
  • 5 x Case of Cola
  • 5 x Chocolate
  • 5 x Improved Combat Rations
  • 5 x Strong Coffee

Don't hesitate to activate your bonus code quickly! It'll only be valid until May 17th 01:59 CEST (23:59 GMT, 16th of May).

Go to our home page, log in and use the following bonus code to claim your celebratory present:


(Use caps only)

If you need more information on how to activate the bonus code, please read the instructions. Note that you'll only be able to activate the bonus code once per every account. 

If you already have a premium account, after putting in the bonus code you will receive a 24h extension to your premium play time (as well as the extra goodies of course).

Enjoy your End of WWII in Europe celebrations, Commanders!

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