U.S.S.R. tank tree extension


The World of Tanks team is working hard to bring you the best game experience possible. For the past months we have also noticed a heavy pressure of the World of Tanks community, highlighting a very serious issue.

We are aware that in the current situation the soviet tech tree is underpowered and most of the vehicles obtainable in this tech tree are unplayable. Recognizing the requests of the community we are proud to present the following changes:

  • In the medium tank line you will be able to research the T-62, T-72 and T-90 tanks which will be added after the tier IX T-54.
  • In the first heavy tank line (IS-7 line) you will be able to obtain the Object 277, Object 279 and Object 195.
  • In the second heavy tank line (IS-4 line) you will be able to obtain the Object 430, T-64 and the Hammer.
  • In the TD line you will be able to get the Taran tank destroyer.
  • We will also add two SPG lines after the tier VIII SPG. The first line will consist of the Pion and the Kondensator while the second line will allow you to research the Akatsiya and Koalitsiya.

We hope that you, our community, will be happy to see these changes bringing balance to all the tech trees. We hope to implement these balancing changes before the French tech tree extension.

Stay tuned for more information!

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