Upcoming Clan Wars Maintenance

Clan Wars on the Global Map and the Ultimate Conquest website will be unavailable from 5:00 am UTC, November 9th, until 5:00 am UTC, November 10th, at the earliest, due to the upcoming Clan Wars and the new community portal update. After its launch, you will not need to re-register on the new website or create new game accounts.

Attention! The game server of World of Tanks will be available during the maintenance.

We wish to draw your attention to the fact that after the Clan Wars launch, the following rules will come into force along with the existing ones:

  • If a province has no direct connection to the clan headquarters (or through other provinces), then the clan will no longer get income from the specified province. We remind you that if the clan have no headquarters, then the specified clan don't get income as well.
  • If a clan has already got at least one province on the map, then it cannot apply for landing.
  • If there are multiple attacks scheduled for a single province, its owner gets a privilege: first, the attackers will fight against each other, and the winner of the battles will meet the owner of the province in the final match.

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