Top of the Tree: T92


The Community has spoken! Based on the outcome of the recent poll, this June will be dedicated to the American SPG, T92. This means great discounts, Crew XP bonuses, and dedicated missions for the crowning tank of the line!

50% discount on purchasing the following American vehicles:

  • T1 HMC
  • M7 Priest
  • M37
  • M41 HMC

30% discount on purchasing the following American vehicles:

  • M44
  • M12
  • M40/M43
  • M53/M55
  • T92

+50% Crew XP bonus on all vehicles discounted in the special

Your crews will also be very excited about the new toys in your garage!


These bonuses will be available from 1 June at 07:10 until 1 July at 07:00 CEST (UTC +2).



Top of the Tree: Reward 1


  • x2 Crew XP*


  • Random Battles only
  • T92 only
  • 50 times per account


  • Win a battle
  • Be in the top 10 players on your team by base experience earned (bonuses for the first victory, Premium Account, etc., will not be counted to determine the rankings)

*This Crew XP Bonus will stack with the standard Crew XP bonus for the Top of the Tree special


Top of the Tree: Reward 2


  • 10 Personal Reserves: x2 XP for 2 hours
  • 10 Personal Reserves: x4 Crew XP for 2 hours


  • Random Battles only
  • T92 only
  • Once per account


  • Win 50 battles
  • Be in the top 10 players on your team by base experience earned (bonuses for the first victory, Premium Account, etc., will not be counted to determine the rankings)

Personal Reserves rewarded in this mission have no expiration date. You can keep them indefinitely and use them whenever you want. However, once activated, the effect will last for two hours per reserve. After that time, the reserve is considered as used up. Effects of the same reserve type do not stack.

These missions will be available from 1 June at 07:10 until 1 August at 07:10 CEST (UTC +2).

Vehicle Overview

The T92 is a very powerful vehicle in its class that you really don’t want to be targeted by on the battlefield. The main reason for this is the fact that this American SPG is equipped with the fearsome 240mm M1 Howitzer, sporting an insane average damage value of 2,250 points per shot. That’s the highest alpha damage in the entire game!

On top of that, HE shells that fit this colossal cannon contain a massive payload of explosives, which generates an exceptionally wide blast radius upon impact. This means that your projectiles will not only cause damage to the target itself but they may also deal “splash damage” to vehicles in a relatively wide area around the point of impact.

This immense destructive power is counterbalanced, primarily, by the horrible reload time, which is long even by Tier X standards. On top of that, the gun itself isn’t particularly accurate and, as a result, placing the shell where you want to can prove to be quite a difficult task.

Also, it is worth mentioning at this point that the T92 does not have any gun depression and considering it has only 500 hit points, defending yourself in close quarters is pretty much impossible – especially when it’s low-profile light tanks that are making a run for you.

While in battle, first and foremost, consider your reload time: knowing that it takes ages to feed your gun a shell, you really need to make every shot count. This means that you should concentrate primarily on the easiest targets, such as huge heavy tanks, stationary and/or immobilised vehicles, and slow tank destroyers. However, the absolute priority targets for you are tight groups of enemy vehicles.

Remembering your extraordinary splash radius, in certain situations, aim for the central vehicle (or even just the middle of a group) and, if the shell lands correctly, you will have the chance to badly damage or even destroy multiple tanks with a single shot! Also, if there are no better targets available, don’t hesitate to aim at the side of a rock, building or other object that an enemy vehicle has taken cover behind – if they’re close to the edge, the splash will still reach them causing considerable damage.

If possible, aim at the side closer to the enemy tank’s rear. This way you will have the chance to catch the engine compartment in the blast, igniting a fire and causing additional damage as a result.

Last but not least, try to relocate after each shot. Even though your camouflage value is quite good for a vehicle of this size, remember that shooting temporarily nullifies it and can reveal your position. Also, if there are multiple SPGs on the enemy team, you can rest assured that at least one will try to counter you. You have have some time to kill before you can shoot again anyway, so you might as well move. Besides, “better safe than sorry,” right?


Tank Tip: In order to improve your horrendous reload time, consider taking a Case of Cola with you into battle. This consumable will boost the crew's general performance by 10%, which also includes speeding up shell replacement. However, please bear in mind that this is a premium consumable, which, depending on your chosen option, will cost you either 50 or 20,000 to restock after each battle. If you’re short on resources, using these consumables can turn out to be a straight path to bankruptcy. 


In order to maximise your performance on the battlefield, we suggest installing the following equipment:
Enhanced Gun Laying Drive Large-Caliber Artillery Shell Rammer Camouflage Net



In addition, your crew members should learn the following skills and perks:
Radio Operator
1st Loader
2nd Loader

As always, please consider the setup for both the equipment and crew skills as suggestions. Feel free to experiment on your own and choose what you feel works best for you.


Roll out, Commanders!