Top of the Tree: Conqueror Gun Carriage


This time we focus on the top British Self-Propelled Guns. This line is well known for the various roles that its SPGs can play. From small-but-fast-firing guns to big ones packing that extra bang, pretty much everything can be found here. The top Tier SPGs of this line all feature high calibres with high alpha damage, including the Conqueror GC at Tier X, which has the second-highest average damage in the whole game, only being outmatched slightly by the T92.

Get yourself one of these “nuke launchers” and profit from great discounts and Crew XP bonuses:


50% discount on the purchase of the following British vehicles:

II Loyd Gun Carriage
III Sexton II
IV Birch Gun
V Bishop


30% discount on the purchase of the following British vehicles:

VI FV304
VII Crusader 5.5-in. SP
IX FV3805
X Conqueror Gun Carriage


+50% Crew XP bonus on all vehicles discounted in the special

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These bonuses will be available until 1 December at 06:00 CET (UTC +1).


Conqueror Gun Carriage

Vehicle Overview

Once the enemy sees a Conqueror Gun Carriage in your team’s setup, a lot of moaning is usually guaranteed. There are many reasons why this tank is loathed as an enemy but loved as an ally. It features one of the best guns in the whole game, not in terms of aim time or accuracy, but purely considering damage and splash damage values. Here it outclasses almost every other vehicle in the game. Another big plus is the wide gun arc – both in terms of traverse and elevation - meaning that it can cover a whole flank without needing to turn its hull. It can even shoot over the tops of objects/terrain that other SPGs can only dream of surmounting.

This SPG also has an acceptable degree of manoeuvrability that allows you to get quickly into position or escape when a flank falls apart. Another thing that might be useful is the strong frontal hull armour in comparison to other artillery vehicles of its Tier. This might cause some lucky bounces from rushing scouts but you should probably not be relying on this.

Like every tank it also has its downsides. As mentioned before, the aim time and accuracy of the gun are very bad (8.5 seconds and 1.1m dispersion at 100m respectively!). The same goes for the reload time which is also the longest of all Tier X SPGs. With the necessary equipment, skills and consumables, you can luckily lower this to about 46 seconds. Among all the SPGs of its Tier, the Conqueror GC has the lowest shooting range which frequently won’t allow you to cover the entire map. The shell travel time is also extremely long, especially when your target is behind cover, so shooting at moving targets is not recommended. Also, remember that you’re a wide target and will suffer from rather low camouflage values.

If you want to compensate for poor accuracy and aim time, we suggest you go as close to the front as possible without taking too many risks. Thanks to the tank’s high degree of gun elevation you can hide just a few metres behind a house or similar object and still shoot enemies effectively. That gives you another advantage: enemy artillery will have a hard time returning your shots. However unless enemy artillery is spotted, don’t bother engaging in counter-battery fire because of this SPG’s disadvantages and the simple fact that it’s a waste of your damage potential. Instead, due to the long aim and shell travel time, you should concentrate on slow targets like heavy tanks and tank destroyers. Don’t worry, you can even deal tons of damage to the most armoured tanks, regardless of whether they have spall liners equipped or not! If enemy tanks are somehow behind a piece of cover that even you can’t fire over, then you might want to try using your insane splash damage radius to still cause some serious trouble.


Tank Tip: Besides the standard consumables like a Repair Kit and a First Aid Kit you might want to take Pudding and Tea as well. The most important thing about this tank is the gun which you should aim to make as efficient as possible. So what’s better than increasing your crew’s skills by 10%? Of course, only treat your tankers to sponge and Earl Grey if you can afford the 20,000 credits per battle, which can drain your resources in no time.


In order to maximise your performance on the battlefield, we suggest installing the following equipment:

Improved Ventilation Class 3

Large-Calibre Artillery-Shell Rammer

Enhanced Gun laying Drive


If you want to sacrifice a bit of your gun’s performance for better camouflage values, you can swap the Improved Ventilation for a Camouflage Net. In the end, this will help you avoid getting spotted at all as, after all, you tend to instantly become the first target once this happens.


In addition, your crew members should learn the following skills and perks:

Commander/Radio Operator







As always, please consider this setup for both equipment and crew skills as suggestions. Feel free to experiment on your own and choose what you think works best for you.


Roll out, Commanders!