Tanks Charge Store Shelves

Wargaming.net has teamed up with Deep Silver distribution company to share the premium product for gamers’ strategic satisfaction.

The World of Tanks exclusive box edition is now available at retail chains in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. sales in UK, Italy, Scandinavia, Benelux, Spain, Portugal, Greece, and France to start from 2nd December. The dates are worth marking in your calendars as ‘Early Christmas.’  Visit the e-shop to see the available online offers of the World of Tanks box version.

The retail version comes with 20 € value of bonus content. For only 9.99 € the box includes:
  • the premium German tank PzKpfw 38H735(f)
  • additional garage space
  • one week of premium account status
  • 2000 in-game gold and 50,000 credits

The box edition also includes an invitation code with the 3 day premium account status and 1000 in-game gold.

If you already have an account, don't forget to give the invite-code to a friend - they will like it!

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