T-34-85 Rudy: Tank-Men’s Best Friend Comes With a Dog


The Soviet T-34 medium tank and its various modifications were among the most ubiquitous armored vehicles of the Second World War. It was continuously developed and produced into the 1950s, fought in numerous global conflicts, and is still in service with some nations.

One of the most important evolutions of the original T-34 design was the upgrade with a bigger three-man turret and a more powerful 85 mm armament. In addition to the much-needed increased firepower, this modification also improved the vehicle’s overall performance with better crew ergonomics.

One of the most famous T-34 crews to this day isn’t actually an authentic World War II crew, but the stars of the Polish cult TV series “Four Tank-Men and a Dog”. The show revolves around the VI T-34-85 Rudy , its crew, and their loyal companion Szarik the dog. Throughout the three seasons of the show, they participate in numerous conflicts, including the liberation of Poland and the Battle of Berlin. Despite the grave subject matter, the show was one of the first to depict the era of World War II in a somewhat lighter vein.

Follow in the footsteps of Commander Olgierd and his trusted crew, and add the VI T-34-85 Rudy to your tank collection, today. It's a versatile medium tank with a well-rounded gun, nice mobility, and decent frontal armor to lead brave attacks! Introduced initially as a Soviet tank, it's the only multinational vehicle in World of Tanks, which means the crew can be either Polish or Soviet. But no matter the nation, Szarik will always be part of the crew.

T-34-85 Rudy Offers

Available from September 28 at 07:00 CEST through September 30 at 07:00 CEST (UTC+2)

Package Contents T-34-85 Rudy 100% trained crew Garage slot Gold WoT Premium Account x5 XP mission Personal Reserve: +200% to Crew XP for 2 hours As a gift Crew with Brothers in Arms
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