Test the changes to the Stronghold mode!


From 15 to 28 January, we are introducing some temporary changes to the Stronghold mode. War Games, Skirmishes, and the Legionnaires feature are affected, read on below for more information.

Changes to War Games

The number of points received in the Advances has been reduced to make Skirmishes a more profitable alternative. The reasoning behind this is because we noted that losing an Advance during the War Games drastically reduces the chance of reaching the top spots in the ranking.

Here's the new table for obtaining points for the rating of the War Games:

  Vanquish (Score difference after the battle) Rush (Remaining time) Demolition (Destroy enemy vehicles) Assembly (Victories with Legionnaires)
Tier VI Skirmish 25 per point 1 per remaining second 25 per destroyed enemy 100 per Legionnaire
TIER VIII SKIRMISH 50 per point 2 per remaining second 50 per destroyed enemy 200 per Legionnaire
TIER X SKIRMISH 125 per point 5 per remaining second 125 per destroyed enemy 500 per Legionnaire
Advance 375 190 per point 15 7 per remaining second 375 190 per destroyed enemy 1500 750 per Legionnaire

Changes to Skirmishes

For Tier X battles, the format has been changed from 15 vs 15 to 10 vs 10. Also, you can now invite as many Legionnaires as you like into your team for Skirmish battles (all tiers).


Test those changes and let us know what you think in the forum!