Stalingrad Battle Special


Can you be as strong and resistant as the soldiers who fought during the Stalingrad Battle? Let’s prove it during this weekend, with some bonuses to help you in your battles.

From Friday, the 27 of July at 07 :30 CEST (05 :30 GMT) to Tuesday, the 31 of July at 07 :00 CEST (05 :00 GMT), you can benefit of the following offers:


Experience bonus x3 for the first victory of each day

No need to explain : experience is the basis of your progression !

50% discount on the premium tanks :
  • Soviet medium tank tier V Matilda
  • Soviet heavy tank tier V Churchill 

Premium tanks cost less to repair, they are Elite and they win more credits. Don’t hesitate to pick them up for half price! 

200% increased profits with the tanks :
  • German medium tank tier IV PzKpfw III
  • Soviet medium tank tier V T-34
  • American medium tank tier V M4 Sherman 

Earn twice the usual credits with these tanks !


Remember that these bonuses are only available until Tuesday morning. Let’s fight some battles together !

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