Special: Walter Christie’s Birthday


J Walter Christie was born in 1865 and began work at the age of 16 in an Iron works. His varied career included consultant engineer for steamship lines, a design for a front wheel drive car and even later manufacturing fire engine tractors.

Of course he is most renowned for his design of the “helicoil” suspension system, where each wheel had its own spring loaded assembly; this allowed tanks much longer movement than conventional “leaf spring” design. The result was to improve cross country speeds and achieve a lower profile.

Most notably utilized on the Soviet BT Series and its direct successor the T34.

Ironically none of Christie’s designs ever saw mass production in the USA. He passed away a poor man in 1944 at the time when his designs were shaping world history.


The Special starts on Friday, May 4th at 07:30 CEST (05:30 GMT) and ends on Monday, May 7th at 07:00 (05:00 GMT). During this period you will be able to benefit of these bonus :

50% off the following tanks:
  • A-20, tier IV light tank
  • SU-85, tier V tank destroyer
  • BT-2, tier II light tank
  •  BT-7, tier III light tank
  • SU-100, tier VI tank destroyer
Apart from being able to buy the above tanks for half the regular price, you will also benefit from a 50% discount on consumables which you can buy with credits.
As a finishing touch for the Walter Christie’s birthday we’ve added a 90% discount on crew renaming!

Roll out with your new, fully resupplied tanks and renamed crew, commanders!

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