Special – Version 8.0: Reinforcements Have Arrived!


Version 8.0 of World of Tanks has been the most anticipated update ever, and it has finally arrived! In order to celebrate it properly, we have prepared some in-game bonuses for you so that you can enjoy the recent launch of Update 8.0 even more.

We’re sure that you have already digested the new changes to the game in full, such as the new physics, improvements to the user interface, the new branch of soviet tank destroyers, and many more.  We also guarantee that from 28th September at 07:30 CEST (05:30 GMT) until 2nd October at 07:00 CEST (05:00GMT) you will be able to enjoy following in-game bonuses:  


2x crew experience

Gain double experience with each battle! Make your crew members into professionals!

50% discount on crew re-training

Do you intend to retrain your favorite crew for another vehicle? Well, what we can say, this is good time for you! Whether you want to spend gold to train their major qualifications to 100%, or credits just to retrain them, it doesn't matter because both have got the same advantage – 50 percent off!

50% discount on barracks enlargement

Seeing as you’ll be retraining your tank crews, you’d better stock up on new beds for them!  Fortunately, doing so will only cost half the normal price.

90% discount on crew re-naming

Do you want to rename your crew? Are your barracks stuffed full of tankers with silly names, but it would be too expensive to give them all the names you want?  Well, now’s the time to personalize all of your tankers, almost for nothing!  Give them the names they deserve!

50% discount on credit consumables

Do you need some basic or fancy consumables? Are they costing you a fortune and leave you waiting for “better” days to save some credits? Here you go then! Enjoy this special and stuff your garage full of consumables such as the always handy Manual Fire Extinguisher, or perhaps you’d prefer some fancy 100-octane Gasoline! Install them on your vehicles for half price!


Please be aware that these offers are available only until Tuesday so don’t hesitate!  Train up your crew and fill your tank with consumables, then get out onto the new and improved battlefields of Version 8.0!